T, J, L, S, and Susan and I had a good today!  After I picked up J and T we headed to Littleton to meet  L at a bookstore near Clement Park.  We shared a table, where Susan was able to get to know the guys a little better while we had a coffee and croissants.  As we were driving towards the bookstore adjacent to the park we ran into the road blocks and large police presence around Columbine High School.  It was a bit unsettling and of course reminded us all of the tragedy  that happened there some 20 years ago.  The longer we were in the bookstore the more buzz we were starting to hear.  So Susan and I knew it was time to move on with our day and we headed over to Chatfield Reservoir.
We enjoyed a great walk through the dog park there, chatting with the walkers, two legged and four legged alike. Getting to hear about the Susan’s mutt Stubby, the older couple and their Ridgeback, the big white “horse” Great Pyrenees, and many more. We weren’t overrun with dogs, which is often the case there, so we were able to really enjoy a leisurely sunny 50 minute walk. The conversation was quite wide ranging as we all spread out along  the path. 
Susan had afternoon plans, so we then dropped her off and  we went back out to the Lowry neighborhood for lunch and a visit to the Wings Over the Rockies Museum.  Our 1st stop in the museum was at a large sculpture honoring WW2 pilots that was accompanied by a moving video about its creation. Then it was practically free range – we spread out and explored.  There were very few visitors today so I was comfortable letting the guys go, for the most part, the direction they each wanted.  L spotted the replica of the X-fighter from Star Wars with R2D2 in it. T took various roped off  paths beneath airplane wings –  that he came quickly out of, then whistled at me to come and look at what he had found. A Thermonuclear Bomb !  J was watching the flight simulator move and rotate for some time and Lonnie asked him if he thought anyone would be getting carsick in there!?!  I would be, no doubt about it!   There was one visitor there, who for some reason thought that T was a docent of the museum and was just talking his head off to him.  T kept nodding, say yes yes.  When I came up on the conversation and the guy finally asked if he was a docent I quickly said no, but he kept on talking telling his aviation stories!  Very friendly and very entertaining !
We spent a little over an hour in the museum and everyone commented on how great the place is, then grabbed some lunch before heading home.  
Good Day !