Tour at Catholic Cathedral and lunch at Syrup

Denver Botanic Gardens for lunch

Iris 4 U , a walk in Deer Creek Canyon and out to lunch at Chilis

Visit to Great Harvest Breads and a walk along the Highline Canal

  Great Harvest Bread                                        Great Harvest Bread Greenwood Village


                   May 15 Highline Canal



JM started it! She put her cute pink hat on sideways and called herself a rapper.

E asked, “I don’t understand. What are you wrapping?”

Thank you to Great Harvest Bread in Greenwood Village. They are always kind to us. We like their gluten free chocolate chip bread and their coffee, plus a free sample or two!
After our morning break there we explored the Highline Canal, before it got too hot out. Oh those massive Cottonwood trees, they provided much needed shade, and we enjoyed walking along the canal watching the rabbits and the passing children and dogs, and a couple of us saw it as an invitation when the sprinklers went on!

Lunch in Morrison, on the patio of The Cow, and morning croquet with Jiminy Wicket

Chataqua Park

Lunch at Poppies and a visit to Arts of Denver


Great Beginnings for lunch, and an IMAX at Wildlife Experience

Balistreri Vineyards in Denver – a very good tour and quite a nice lunch

Platt Park in Denver and an Active Minds Talk at Koelbel Library