Stern Park in Littleton and lunch at Great Beginnings

donations for the food pantry
what a full, fun, busy day
Morning snacks at a donut shop…you’ll see here G greeting everyone there by making funny faces in the window.
Then to our office where we did a project, sorting through and compiling donations to the food pantry.  This went well, it took us about a half hour and everyone understood and appreciated the importance of our work.
Then! on a walk in Stern Park, where we watched ducks sliding around on ice, P doing her awesome imitation of  duck and goose sounds, and L pulled Bruce aside to point out construction of a home  nearby – all the while everyone talking about movies and Christmas and Christmas music and enjoying being in the sunshine.
Then! to Lone Tree Arts Center which was, according to Jennifer, “very successful”. There was so much to see. Large paintings and portraits that kept us engaged. Near one of them Jennifer asked the group, “is that of a sunrise? or a sunset?” and G broke into song “Sunrise, Sunset”. He’s hilarious.  P had so much to say about the portraits in particular. “This man is thinking about the things he’s done in his life and feeling badly”. or “he must work in service to his country, his hat is camo”  F  liked the colorful drawing of a dog in a chef’s hat until Jennifer said, “but he’s frying a cat”, which F  thought was terrible! T liked the painting you’ll see here of a road in the fog. It must have  reminded him of the part of the country he grew up in. He said, “you’re not supposed to go there today”, as if the artist was indicating the weather was going to worsen. I LOVE taking groups to view art, it’s so incredible to see how each piece affects us differently.
Lunch today was at Great Beginnings, another hit. Funny subjects came up like the fact that everyone had cantalope as a side dish. What’s the difference between cantalope and honey dew and star furit and musk melon. And what the heck is musk melon anyway!? Jennifer tossed a folded up napkin at someone, who tossed one at someone else and so on…L was laughing hard at this and Jennifer said, “but you started it!” “HA! No I didn’t!”  he said. He had a fun day for sure.
Before heading home the groups drove over Dam Road at Cherry Creek State Park – so the jokes were all “dam” related, the dam park, the dam road, the dam bathrooms. So silly. P especially laughed at this and added more then a little to the conversation.
And Jennifer’s group had a bit more time so got out at the park to see the model airplane field, which she said T and P were really interested in. The sun  was strong and  in Tim’s eyes and he was uncomfortable. Jennifer said, “do you need a hat?” at which point Gary reached over and put his own hat on T’s head. Ahhh…  Then P pointed out a large dog in the distance, “NO!” said T, “that’s a huge coyote!” (which it was)
Fun adventures, all day long.

History Colorado’s Scenic Historic Byways

At History Colorado today there was absolutely something  for everyone. The entire group was thrilled to see the photo collection of “Scenic and Historic Byways” of Colorado, what beautiful images!
The quilt on display  was sewn by a slave from Missouri, after her death her husband brought the quilt with him to Colorado. J and E were in love that quilt and the story.
And John Denver’s guitar! When J saw it she broke into song – Country Roads, Take Me Home. Then she reminded us that she was born in West Virginia, and P told us about his relatives in Virginia.
We also took a walk in a park this morning and saw this silly creature plus of course the usual geese and ducks who are also silly! We went out to lunch and had such a good time today, lots of connections between everyone.

Liks for Ice Cream and an Active Minds talk about haunted places in Denver

Fall in Colorado, we love it. Walking in Westlands Park and lunch today at Urban Egg

Great day for a walk, and thank you to Urban Egg for another wonderful meal and exceptional service!

Couple of quick stories, we made a poster today to decorate our office walls.  As we glued photos of past outings we tried coming up with single words to describe what happens on our outings. “Joy” “Fun” “Togetherness”, all quite appropriate.  Then  funny guy P said, “Stupendous”, which made everyone laugh. “Too much?’ he asked? Probably.

and how about when G asked me if I remembered the Slhameel Shlamile (sp?) song, wrapped her arm over my shoulders and got us doing the Laverne and Shirley thing?

Fall is here! Autumn leaves, Tiny Town, Turkeys and Turkey Creek Canyon…

Tattered Cover on Colfax for an Active Minds talk

Sound of Music, Gilligans Island, Mary Tyler Moore, Hogan’s Heroes, Flying Nun, Partridge Family, Brady Bunch…

Aren’t we lucky to have Eldorado State Park ?

Tour at the Denver Art Museum, a walk in a park and out to lunch

We love Toast!