tour at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs

Hello group:

We did have fun yesterday. It was a long drive to Peterson Air Force Base, but I don’t think that was an issue for anyone. I liked seeing C in the far back of the van, he figured out a way to sit sort of sideways, he had his coffee in the cup holder next to him, his legs crossed, looking out the window – from my rear view window he looked like he was casually perched on a sofa in a living room!

Long drive, but we finally got to the onsite museum and had a very good tour. I get a great deal of satisfaction out of seeing the people in my care be so engaged in what we are doing. This happens at the Denver Art Museum, at a historic house tour in Golden, listening to a naturalist teach us about box turtles, at a museum learning about the tool used to dehorn cattle!…it happens many places and quite often. Yesterday was one of those days. One of our tour guides at the Air Force Museum was the former pilot of this immense plane we boarded. He flew it during the Cold War, using radar to detect Russian aircraft. He connected with the guys so well. He would ask them questions periodically, giving them a minute to come up with the answers, and they usually would. I loved that – they all seemed interested in his discussion of radar, morse code, sextons, vacuum tubes, etc. (T told him and the group how his dad had used vacuum tubes to fix their T.V. in his childhood, and about his nephew who is a pilot). And they all asked wonderfully appropriate and thoughtful questions of the guide.

A late lunch then we headed home!

We heard Dr. Tom Noel today, speaking about his new book on Colorado history

We had a really good day today. It was “one of those”, just clicked right along, full of energy. I didn’t have the morning tightly scheduled, I wanted to leave it up to their requests – donuts or a walk or whatever, but the stars aligned, we didn’t have one minute of morning traffic, and I realized I’d be near Wash Park in time for a good 1/2 hour of croquet, so we went. It’s indoors now, and the course is smaller, and the game is quicker. The five of us walked in and were immediately swept into a game. Well, the four of them were, and I happily noticed the coffee bar where I got myself a latte and cheered them on. B played well again today, and when I pretended to be interviewing him about his secret, he said, “Well. I’m left handed.” Ok! Maybe that’s it!

It’s wonderful how there is a reliable group of volunteers at the croquet, to make us feel welcome and to keep things moving.

Then to pick up D and to lunch. Conversations today – whoa, we covered religion, (here’s for deep thought..) I asked “does anyone know the difference between Lutheran and Catholic”? R: “Yea, Lutherans have better Bingo.” One of the guys said outloud, twice, “I wonder if maybe I can get through the whole day today without losing anything”. They all pretended to be begging me for donuts in the morning, the more I refused the funnier the joke got. They talked about “Syd King” – made them all giggle – moonshine, the recent tragedy in Paris, the early days in Englewood, and on Broadway,(the restaurant was filled with photos that brought back memories for many of them), car racing, motorcycle racing, on and on..

After lunch we had plenty of time and made our way to the History Colorado for the talk by “Dr.Tom Noel.” He was introducing his new atlas about Colorado and had plenty of stories, lots of photos on his powerpoint (which I always think makes these talks better), and more than a few laughs.