walking along Pearl Street in Denver

Hot temps obviously today, but we did our best. We started with coffees and waters and  getting ourselves settled into our day, then hit the road. Everyone was in a good mood and what I appreciated in particular, was  how eager they seemed to be to see each other. When C and I pulled up to D’s home, for example, C said, “Oh I’m glad D is coming, she’s so sweet”. We genuinely enjoy each other’s company.
The plan was a walk in Wash Park but we got as far as the area around Porter Hospital, when D said we were near where she lived as a child and asked if she could point out the way. So we did that instead, drove around that neighborhood, then parked and got out and walked throughout it as well. Then on to lunch, where a volunteer L was scheduled to join us. We went to a restaurant I had chosen on Pearl Street which I thought would be festive and fun, though I was  hesitant about the menu for this group. Turns out that yes, the menu was not one that appealed to the majority, so we had drinks and chips and guac then moved on to the pizza place next door! I like that I can offer that flexibility and spontaneity and decision making to the group, already we had scratched most of my plans and that  was perfectly fine with all of us!
We had  pizza and salads, at “Sexy Pizza” (why that name? We never figured that one out) at a long table along the sidewalk (oh the breeze felt good). We blew off the afternoon Active Minds talk I planned for us, and instead  lingered a little longer over lunch at restaurant #2.  Afterwards, L offered to stay with us a bit longer and we all took about a 45 minute walk in that Pearl Street area. Lots of interesting houses to see and discuss, plus this unique trump vine I grabbed a picture of. I have seen it dozens of times, and am fascinated by the way the property owner adapted the fence to the tangles of the plant. It seems representative to me of how we adjust our lives to make room for whatever happens to come along – just like we did today, adjust and accomodate and go with the flow, which suited us quite well today.
Thank you for the privilege of spending time with these wonderful ladies.

Wild Birds Unlimited

L and I went out in the morning for coffee – well, I got her a large apple juice which is our routine, she loves that, then on a little drive – before we picked up S. I got him some coffee too, this is funny…I had a destination in mind and as I was driving up Hampden I saw a coffee place I like up ahead so said, out of the blue I guess as far as S was concerned, “Would you like a cup of coffee?” He was sitting next to me in the passenger seat, turned and looked at me and said, “how cavalier of you! Perhaps a cigarette as well?” He cracks me up!!

After that quick stop we went to see a demonstration at a “Wild Birds Unlimited” store. An organization that educates the public about wildlife was there with some live birds – an owl, a hawk and a falcon. S and L stood there watching and listening like they were in a class, and they seemed mesmerized. After that, out to lunch, they both ate a bunch, then we took S home. On that drive (he had been singing pretty much all day by now) L started singing – not sure why this popped in her head, but she sang for us, “..we ain’t got a barrel of money…maybe we’re ragged and funny..but we travel along, singing a song..side by side.” Fun day for me with these two, plenty of joy.

Cherokee Castle and Daniel’s Park

july 14 view from Cherokee Castle

Hi Everyone,

Fun day!  We had a 9:30 tour of Cherokee Castle set up. The castle is out in the Daniels Park area. I’ve heard numerous stories about the lady who was the last owner. One of our guys who grew up in Englewood had told me about this nice old rich lady named Tweet. He said that when he was young, she would come into Englewood for supplies, and all the kids would gather for treats from her. Well, it turned out this was her home. It sits on a overlook, over looking the Roxborough area. As we came up the two mile drive, we were greeted by a ranchhands dog. He followed us up to the portico, where he immediately made friends with the entire tour group. The castle was built in the 1920s. It was built to be a hunting lodge for the owners who lived in Park Hill full time. At the entrance to the greatroom there is a bison head, and two mounted bucks heads, all of which had been hunted on the grounds. The house is filled with art and beautiful antiques which Tweet acquired on her many trips abroad. There were also some unique artifacts that were gifted to her from various royalty and dignitaries that visited her there. The docents were on point and able to answer any question. Tweet was an avid reader, and at the time of her passing owned over 14,000 books.  We saw several rooms, but I think our favorite was the terrace. We could see from Pikes Peak to the Wyoming border. Terrific views. Apparently Tweet was an animal lover and instructed her staff to leave all the leftovers on the terrace for the wildlife. The property is still a working ranch of about 200-300 head of cattle. After the tour we drove into Castle Rock and went to Las Fajitas. What a find.  B and T both gave their shrimp tacos an enthusiastic thumbs up. Definitely have to keep it inour restaurant rotation from now on. After we threw in the white flags at lunch, we knew if we didnt start moving again, food coma was imminent. We drove to the Bluffs in Lone Tree. We followed the trail to the top and back down again,about a 2 1/2 mile hike. We stood atop the bluff, pointing out all the landmarks we could see. We were also close enough to Centennial airport that we could watch a few takeoffs and landings. We made our way down, with time to spare for an ice cream at Freddy’s. When I asked T how it was, he said “I hope there arent any of these close to me, or I would be there everyday.”

 Good day, both guys enjoyed the tour, saying it was much better than they would have guessed. No issues on the stairs in the tower or anyplace else in the castle. Both guys were sharp, with B asking questions about things we did together several months back. Terrific way to spend a day, and terrific company to share it with.

Jiminy Wicket at Wash Park Denver

Good Morning –
Attached are a couple pictures from yesterday. R was with me in the morning, it was just the two of us and we had some great conversations, he sure had me laughing. Brian had C with  him in the morning and we decided to join up at croquet. This is a regular activity for R and me, but new to Brian and C, and they also picked up T on their way who was a newbie also! I think it went well, it was a great day to be outside and at the very least everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves sitting on the chairs in the shade, but they all played a round as well. The organization which hosts this event is Jiminy Wicket, they make us feel welcome every time and are so good to us! It made me laugh when today’s  round of croquet was finishing up and T said to R, “I wouldn’t want to play cards with you”, as R kept pretending he was cheating.
We were going to go our separate ways for lunch afterwards but Brian suggested we join up and go to Governors Inn and have lunch on their patio, which I thought was a great idea. They always have good food, and I was really pleased with our round table in the corner; I like when we get tables that aren’t in the middle of all the activity or in restaurants which are too noisy – this was perfect yesterday.
Brian took T and C home after that and R and I walked a lot – all throughout City Park and in his neighborhood as well, before I brought him home.
I enjoyed my day with the guys, thanks for giving Brian and me  that opportunity.

lunch at McKinners and coffee in Park Hill


Hi All – We had a pretty easy going day, which seemed to fit this group just fine. In the morning I picked up M, A, and D. We met Mary and R at a terrific little coffee place in Park Hill. We found a nice patio in the shade, and got caught up a bit. I have not had a chance to do many outings with A or R, so it was a good opportunityto get to know each other. Conversation rolled, as we sat there enjoying each other’s company. A regaled us with his sailing stories, while D and M shared stories of growing up in the Englewood/Littleton area, and the changes we have seen. Fun morning. We took a quick stroll around Park Hill, commenting on the architecture, and the challenges the neighborhood has faced over ther years. We made it back to the car for a water break, and the drive to Littleton Historical Museum. Its always a fun place to visit and our local guys had some memories jogged for sure. Inside the museum we spent a bit of time looking at the 1965 Flood exhibit. D told us that his family had been fishing in Wyoming when it happened and when they drove back and saw the devastation they thought we were at war. Different times back then. We then meandered outside to check out all the newborn animals. We saw the longhorn steer for Als Texas roots, a passel of piglets, and a bunch of pecocks. We also walked by a young child in a Pittsburgh tshirt. Needless to say, R’s es got big, and he had to talk to him.  As it started to warm up a bit, we left for lunch. We went to a local restaurant in downtown Littleton. Basic sandwiches and pizza, but done very well. The restaurant (McKinners) has ton of pictures of old Littleton, which M really seemed to enjoy. Conversation flowed at lunch, with topics from Leave it to Beaver, to shopping and eating local. The table of guys had such wide ranging experiences, it was never boring!

Good day, everyone was engaged, and hit it off great. Looking forward to next time!


walking at Littleton Historical Museum today, lots of outdoor time

 S and L and I walked the circumference of the Littleton Historical Museum, there is so much to see on that walk, and yesterday some baby sheep came right up to the fence next to us. S and L, being their regular fun loving, animated selves, started right in imitating the noise all those sheep were making, and the more I laughed, the more they did it! We met B for lunch and had burrito bowls, which were a big hit, and then L and I did a little shopping after we brought S home. L and I  did the things we enjoy doing, a nice drive, time outdoors, another good walk (I was impressed by her energy in the heat), and we snacked all day.
I heard her tell a white butterfly today, on our walk, “you need someone to play with”…I think she was right, he flew by all alone! Love her observations.

it began with coffee at St. Mark’s on 17th Avenue…beautiful place to relax

june 1 dave, brian, mike and russSuch a good day today, it just flowed along. We met at St Mark’s on 17th Avenue for coffee and I  brought goodies for us to eat as well. We sat out in that sunshine on that big patio for quite a while, talking talking talking. It was easy and comfortable and natural and enjoyable. Then we all walked slowly up and down some of the side streets there; the houses are really great to look at, historic and interesting. One of them happens to be a “castle” (Castle Marne) and I rang the doorbell to see if they’d let us in to snoop around. The staff person  who answered – it’s a B&B – had been  baking bread and took a break to show us around, what a treat.
We decided around 12:30 that we’d like to continue being out in the nice weather, so I asked D if we could bring sandwiches and hang out in his  back yard for a while…so that’s what we did! Bunch of friends having an impromptu picnic – we picked up sandwiches, chips, fruit and drinks and that was it – nice and simple. After that we took a little drive and brought everyone home.

our day on the Cherry Creek Trail

Some favorite lines of mine today:
 I was telling everyone about a couple I am caring for who are in their 90s, and how  I’d been with them this morning and noticed at breakfast they were flirting with each other. B said, “well then it was a happy meal”!
D had a funny line in the car on the way to lunch. I called the restaurant and told them we were on our way, and they agreed to hold a large table for us. After I hung up, D said, “they must not have realized it was us who were coming.” We all laughed and I said, “Yes! You noticed I didn’t give them  my name?”
Lots of chuckles all day long…
T on our walk, stopped in his tracks, turned to me and said, “this is perfect”, then motioned to all the beauty around us. I agreed, the temperature today was so good for a walk and we were out in some great big open spaces with lots of trees.  We were  on part of the Cherry Creek Trail, we began at the trailhead at the “17 Mile House” in Parker. We walked for about 45 minutes, had snacks and drinks which I’d brought for us to share, then we went to the noon IMAX film, then to a late lunch. I was surprised how much everyone seemed to enjoy the film, it was simple and peaceful, about  apes from different parts of the world. There was something calm yet entertaining about it.
After lunch we were loading up the two cars to head home when a waiter ran out to us with both a hat and a pair of sunglasses we’d left at the table. Yikes! B said, “at least we didn’t leave any people behind.”
We reminisced a bunch today about past trips, I was really pleased by how well many of our  group remembered outings we’ve done, even a year or more ago. It encourages me to keep on planning, keep on going, keep on daytripping, and touring, and spending  quality time together.
I genuinely enjoyed all our time with the group today, thanks for helping us make that happen.

Littleton Historical Museum today for a walk

on our walk

on our walk

S and L and I walked the circumference of the Littleton Historical Museum, there is so much to see on that walk, and yesterday some baby sheep came right up to the fence next to us. S and L, being their regular fun loving, animated selves, started right in imitating the noise all those sheep were making, and the more I laughed, the more they did it! We met B for lunch and had burrito bowls, which were a big hit, and then L and I did a little shopping after we brought S home. We did the things we enjoy doing, a nice drive, time outdoors, another good walk (I was impressed by her energy in the heat), and we snacked all day

I heard her tell a white butterfly today, on our walk, “you need someone to play with”…I think she was right, he flew by us all alone! Love her observations.

Our Day at Red Rocks

Hi Everyone!…quick update on our day. I’d like to start by thanking B for introducing me to his very handsome, very big grandson. B has always told us how big he his, and it’s true! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person glow until this morning, until  I saw B holding him. Sure started my day off on the right note.

Our first stop was at the Windy Saddle Cafe in Golden. What a find! It was bustling for sure, but still comfortable enough to sit and talk, and talk we did. This was an especially social day for everyone. We were all so engrossed in our conversation that we ended up spending a good bit of time there. Very wide ranging topics of conversation. I know in the coffee shop alone we touched on music, fishing, hiking, skiing, and whether it was thyme or tarragon in the scones.  There was a lot of wisecracks and banter. This group has a really nice dynamic. Very natural. I was thinking at lunch that it seemed like a bunch of old friends getting together.

When we finally left the coffee shop, we found a puppy sitting in a chair on the sidewalk, needless to say with this group of dog lovers, we spent plenty of time discussing dogs, and petting the dog. Then in was in the cars for a quick jaunt up to Red Rocks. When we first arrived it was a bit chilly so we went straight to the Colorado Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It’s a work in progress, but has some very cool stuff. We spent a lot of time looking at the room full of guitars. One that we were particularly taken by, was an acoustic made out of the 2012 national Christmas tree. I’d encourage you to visit the museum again sometime soon, here is the link: http://cmhof.org

We then made our way up the hill to the Red Rocks Museum. Only real snafu of the day was they were working on the elevator. Everybody decided we should stay and take the stairs down which we did. Everyone did great on the stairs. Special hoozahs to these guys, they did great. Several reawakened memories later we took the stairs back up. By this time it was beautiful out, so we walked around the outside pavillion, talking about how lucky we are to live where we do.

Finally it was back in the car and back to Morrison for lunch. J had a great idea in taking us to Red Rocks Grill. First time there for most of us. Most certainly won’t be the last. Again, very social, with flowing conversation. Terrific seeing everyone engaged and having fun. I look forward to seeing everyone again soon!