Lunch at Zest, walks in Wash Park and Morrison, signs of spring

Lakewood Cultural Arts         Wash Park Denver           Morrison Colorado

Signs of spring! We looked up in the trees to see what type of birds were singing, and P said, “I don’t think we should do this!” Probably right about that. We have been able to take many walks this week, plus we  played croquet with the wonderful crew at Jiminy Wicket. J and I even jogged a bit yesterday  – a tiny bit! when we were out exploring the trails near the Lakewood Cultural Center. We ran ahead of the group so we could get cups of water ready for everyone, we were actually quite warm out there! We have walked in Wash Park, and Morrison, at the 17 Mile House Cherry Creek trail and at James Bible Park. Felt great. Yesterday was J’s birthday, I think we sang to her a half dozen times, she soaked it all in. Thank you to the staff at Zest restaurant in Lakewood, we just love that “back room”, it’s quiet and convenient and you handle our  special meal requests with grace.