History Colorado Center, out of the wind, learning more about our state

Cold and windy day! But everyone was so great  about goin with the flow.
At History Colordao we found  a little something interesting for everyone. The Ute Indian exhibit was of interest to all. E was fascinated by the craftsmanship of the beaded clothing as well as the feathered headdresses. J enjoyed the maps and history of the Ute in Colorado. T  particularly enjoyed the small beaded infant sized moccasins. Another area we visited was on the history of brewing beer in Colorado. It was actually more interesting then I imagined it would be. There was a section of Brewers of course, Coors, and all the microbrewers, an area that talked about bars during the Gold Rush and Central City and Leadville, and the temperance movement era. And then we ran across a small display celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the baseball’s Negro League. A display case of baseball cards and baseball bats were intriguing, Hank Aaron and Jackie Robinson were among them. We wandered around these displays and museum for a little over an hour before fatigue started to set in and our bellies started to growl.
Lunch was at the Museum Cafe, the Rendezvous Cafe. I think we were all a little low on fluid and calories as it was a little challenging to get a conversation going while we waited for our food. It was interesting to watch the energy level come up within about 10 minutes of eating. J giggled at Steve’s corny jokes, T pointed out the flag flapping straight out in the cold wind, and the laughter started coming a little easier and a little quicker. E and L helped clear the table and laughed as they tried to determine what should go in the compost, the recycle, and landfill containers. Everytime a nearby door would open to the outside there was an audible gasp from almost everyone with the cold that rushed in, and again the talk of wanting Spring to arrive.
On the drive home  we listened to music, sort of. For some reason the signal for the satellite radio wasn’t too strong today and that signal would cut out for a short time during many of J’s favorite songs. The more it happened the funnier it got. J would dramatically throw his face into his hands and say “oh no! Not during this one!”  In particular Jim Croce, Elton John, Bob Seger, James Taylor, and Carly Simon. P looked at me and said “you better get a new antenna for that guy” pointing his thumb into the back seat. J just smiled, waved his finger at me, and said “you better!”

East High School Choir performance and lunch at Annie’s Cafe

City Park Denver                St Johns Cathedral Denver
Bruce and Steve came back to the office full of enthusiasm for the choir performance today, and time spent at the cathedral.
We naturally talked about religious symbols and traditions, while we were in St John’s Cathedral.  D said he remembers seeing the Pope, E said she remembers attending a mass by the pope. She told us about the carved statues of the saints and the stations of the cross, and the rosary and the kneelers – lots of info from her too! Bruce asked L how he’d like cleaning all those stained glass windows and L said, “I’d pay someone else. Somehow!”The East High School Honor Choir did a very good job and performed a variety of music.  We were lucky to be upfront in the second row to watch and listen.  J was totally focused and afterwards “grinned ear to ear” , saying how very much he enjoyed it.  He and Bruce also got an upclose look at the pipe organ, and conversed about the different buttons – the leather covers, the size of the pipes, how many there were and what they each might do. J soaked it all up.
The music included songs from Lion King, Little Shop of Horrors, classic choir songs, Sister Act, Sam Cook’s Long Time Comin and a  “tradional” song with an interesting story. The choir director said they’ve been performing it over 30 years. The funny thing is, they don’t know who wrote it or why they necessarily are singing it – other then “it’s tradition!”
There was some art on display in the corridors, we have a picture here of E at a painting of a woman. She said the “woman looks sad. She’s disappointed. She is all dressed up, but she’s alone. I think she got stood up”.  And we heard  what we refer to as E’s favorite word – “HOW?!” How did such a  huge church  get built so long ago? How did the stained glass windows get installed so high up? …” And J had a unique experience! As the group was leaving we stopped while she went into the ladies room. Apparently every young lady from the choir was in there changing their clothes! Sounds overwhelming, but J reports they were all very nice to her.
Then to lunch, Annie’s Cafe. Conversations today included Judy talking about the importance of young girls learning skills to take them into adulthood, and how there are more opportunities for career women now. D had on his Alaska hat so that brought up fishing – “did you fish in Alaska, David?’  “No, but I saw a lot of fish. And I ate a lot of fish” funny.  Steve made an observation about D today that I agree with, “he’s happiest when he’s telling his stories”, plus  he’s so good at it.
After lunch a quick visit to City Park to get ourselves moving before heading home. Judy saw the geese and told us a funny story about feeding baby geese once and getting nipped.
Oh – one more funny incident – at lunch today the guys, Steve and Bruce, said they thought it best if a couple of people split their meals since the servings are so large at Annie’s.  L did a playful growl at Bruce when he saw that half his Reuben was gone, and of course we all enjoy that silliness.