Two State Parks today! Roxoborough and Chatfield.

Roxborough State Park                        at Chatfield State Park                              Busy day!
We began at City Donuts in Litlteon, gathering, muching, heating up and …dancing! There was music playing overhead  which P so enjoyed that she went up to the man at the counter to compliment him! She asked Jennifer, “do you know the name of this singer?” then broke into her  very best James Brown OWW! So she’s now the best animal noise maker in our group,  but also the best James Brown imitator.  
We  then took a scenic drive through Chatfield State Park and that Jennifer! She made us get out for a quick stretch and walk, which was actually just right.  Some of our folks were cold but everyon was exceptionally appreciative of the beautiful scenery we saw. Torrey asked L if he was cold and he said, “Yes, but I’ll save my whining for later” !
Jennifer said P  was in the front seat next to her on the drive through the park, and along the foothills, and it seemed he couldn’t get enough of it. He kept pointing things out to her, saying how much he was enjoying the view, and finding trails, showing her which  direction they were leading. Really absorbed.  
The group looked out over the reservoir where there were a half dozen ice fisherman. Torrey asked T if he’d want to join them. T: “uh. Only if there is  a hut!”
Then to “the cabin” near the park, where we had lunch, walked around visiting the farm animals, and undertook a service project, packaging donations for a food pantry. 
The cabin is at the south end of Chatfield State Park, with lots of farm animals. P  and her animal noises!  At the farm she was chatting with the goats, and actually is sincere about how she enjoys communicating with animals, it was very dear.   And T  and a  goat had a bleating competition that went on for a few minutes, it made T laugh hard! Jennifer too – watching T stick his tongue out and go blahhh to that goat and the goat doing it back at him!
P and J took over prep work for our lunch, slicing and dicing, others were helping as well, we had motown music playing overhead, and a fire in the fireplace. Then we filled the boxes with crackers and canned veggies and apple sauces and pretzles, which took lots of organizing, sorting, counting, assembly, then clean up!  
The group next headed up into Roxborough Canyon for a very nice drive – J was just loving it. She was so appreciative, and said she felt lucky. 
 On the bumpy dirt road towards the State Park Visitors Center, an old mangy coyote crossed in front of the car and J  recalled once being faced by “two big cats” (mountain lions?) while on a hike.
Once at the Visitors Center we climbed out to do a bit more walking, get the blood flowing, everyone did great. Inside we chatted with the ranger and also were treated to their short film about the history of the park.  Thank you to the team at Roxborough State Park for being so accommodating, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit today. 
One more stop before heading home, out for hot chocolate. We visited Atlas Coffees for the first time. The tall windows gave us another good view and we were grateful for the comfortable chairs and quiet space.