Such a nice lunch at The Bent Fork, and good weather for our walk at a state park

lunch at the Bent Fork in Aurora                                     
Bruce had time off over the holidays and took it easy at home. He told me after the outing today  how “being back with these guys refreshed me. It picked me up. I needed it.”
The group came to the office for snacks and drinks, and it seems to me we laughed about every second they were here.
Bruce showed us a dance his daughter taught him then he did the twist (sort of), then he and Torrey did a Lawnmower Dance, it was awesome, very funny.  I later asked Bruce to do his  “wierd dance move again ” for the camera. He asked “which one?” and L said, “they were all wierd!”
I stayed put and everyone left from here to tour the Aurora History Museum. Lots to see there, they didn’t even see  two of the rooms. We had Dave as our guide, he’s helped us before. What we liked in particular was how he could “go with it”, Bruce said. When some of us wanted to wander away to check out a particluar exhibit, he’d follow and point things out,  or make  himself available for questions. He connected well with our group and the grand finale was the restored trolley where everyone climbed aboard. It brought back memories for J, she said, of riding on one. We learned that the trolley could run down Colfax but would stick to the middle of the street which made it necessary for passengers to either wait in the street or run across it to get onboard. So electric buses which could more easily move from one side of the road to the other, eventually replaced the trolley.
E commented on the display showing photos of people wearing their head to toe swimming outfits, back in the day. And a historic photo of a  couple of gals walking into a restaurant “too dressed up. They look like trouble”. J was amazed by the display showing Aurora’s old  main water line pipe made of wood, D liked the pictures of old Colfax businesses, the theatres and restaurants.
They stayed in the museum, walking around for about 40 minutes, then walked back to the cars which were a little distance away. Fortunately the weather was chilly but not windy.
Lunch was a bit upscale for us, The Bent Fork. I knew this group would appreciate the menu. Torrey had called ahead and was able to have a special table in the back room reserved for us. It’s in sort of an enclosed patio, and that meant a lot in particular to J, as it was similar to a room she has in her own home, and she enjoyed looking at the indoor plants and  out the windows.
After lunch we  headed to Cherry Creek State Park. The temps had warmed up and we were able to get a walk in. D pointed out the camping area. He shared memories of being there for a long weekend, and  “hooking up the RV”. They walked almost a 1/2 mile. They found a helicopter drone field, watched that then got to talking about airplanes, (E: “HOW do they fly!? They’re so heavy?”) and J pointed out the moon was already up. Next they went to place that sells  dairy free ice cream, “Sweet Cow” at Platte Park, which   everyone enjoyed. We parked 2 blocks away so snuck in another walk!
Thank you Torrey, for discovering a youtube of music from old T.V. shows and movies. He was alone with P for the last 1/2 hour or so, and they played guessing games in the car as they listened to this music.  Torrey was amazed when P said, “listen, that’s Chopsticks”, playing in harmony with the My Three Sons theme. Whoa!