Fort Logan in Denver, Lunch in Evergreen at Lariat Lodge

Fort Logan Colorado                                                                                                     
This group is a ball ! Mr Chatter Boxes one and two and three…
We began at Panera and shared pastries, drank coffee,  and the conversations kept on going. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all we talk about,  but Torrey and Jennifer said they heard:
 L and R talking about milking cows. R had a pet cow named Babe that he’d ride out in the field to get the other cows !? This was hard to picture and he answered the guys that yes, a cow is wide, and yes a cow is bony ! Both of the guys, almost in unison, said that “cats disappear when the cows are no longer being milked”. D and L talked about the  variety of clubs and organizations (they are both Rotarians) and explained differences to Jennifer – Rotary, Elks, Peace Corp, Lions Club…And  DU Hockey came up (seems that happens often), everyone seeming to have something to add on that subject.
Our next stop was Ruby Hill Park. We’ve been there  many times over the years and there is always a lot to see; something for everyone. We tried walking on the foam rubber ground in the playground, which is a bit tricky to balance on, and we looked at and played around with the large sundial which actually shows the day, the season, and the time!  Pretty interesting. And the unique bike trails, we discussed those :”for bikes or motorbikes?” the ramps are designed for experienced riders, we know that much.
And then on to our tour, at Fort Logan, of a refurbished military officer’s home. SO much local and military history here, it was hard to get the guys out the door after an hour plus of looking around. There was a display of Armed Forces badges, page after page of them which L, C and R poured over. There was the story about the Weather  Balloon at Fort Logan, and how it was used in the Spanish American War efforts. R focused in on a newspaper article about the balloon, because he noticed it was in the “Littleton Independent”,  dated 1891 which surprised him.  (discovered a new word today, “Balloonatics”) We learned that General Eisenhower and his wife lived on these grounds, L reminisced in the historically renovated kitchen, about the old stove (reminded him of his mother’s homemade pies)  and admired the fireplace which had been stripped down to the original wood and beautifully stained. We were told that the butler was able to use a creatively designed area attached to the radiator, to keep trays of food warm. There was a cannon in the front yard which T  posed next too, pretending to set it off, a cannon used both in the Civil War and WW I   Torrey said, of this museum, “everyone was totally into it. “
Back in the car, Jennifer said L and C were with her, and cracking her up as they challenged each other with Clint Eastwood movie trivia.
We drove up the hill to Evergreen, and had lunch at Lariat Lodge. Everyone’s food came at once except C. Jennifer asked him “aren’t you going to eat anything?” and he answered, “no I’m just going to drool”. Oops! His meal was delayed, but otherwise all went well.
You will see in one of these pictures that  found a name tag with Jennifer’s name on it. So, of course, he wore it the entire day and that became a running joke. “Jennifer, will you?…” “Ask Jennifer if…”
Plenty of joking around today and exploring and enjoying companionship, that’s for certain!