Big Blue Bear in Denver, books and live music

Our “delightful” Bear

Denver Convention Center

downtown Denver “pebbles” ?!

We began our day with snacks and drinks and exploring a book store. The Elvis book, and Aretha Franklin book – those two generated lots of conversation. P looked at a picture of Elvis and said, “now that was a few years ago”, and J told us how much her mother used to like Elvis. S and I talked about Elvis and Buddy Holly and P reminded us of James Brown too – the early rock and roll stars who danced in their own unique ways. L did a mini-impression for us. We talked about what we like to read. J quickly said, “Murder Mysteries. I know that sounds strange but I love trying to figure out who did it”. I turned to P to ask what he likes to read and he said “Mad Magazine” so quickly we all burst into laughter.

T enthusiastically pointed out a Van Gough art book and also told Torrey, “I could stay here all day” He was having a ball .
J was drawn to the animal books, the science books, the music books – really, we had to pretty much drag everyone out of there to go to our next destination!
We went from the book store to downtown Denver, our first stop being the Convention Center and greeting the Big Blue Bear.  On our 2 block walk from the car  to the building, we passed by some artificial grass and  rock formations.  J thought the grass was a good idea – it stayed green and “didn’t grow too long” ha! And P liked the large rocks, which he referred to as “pebbles” . But then we came across what I guess is an artistic arrangement of those rocks and that struck P so funny, “What is that!?”
We posed for some pictures by the bear, and someone handed us an information sheet. So we discussed it’s height (40 feet) and the cost of construction ($425,000) and it’s name (“Blue”) and then then J pointed out that we assume it was a he, “why can’t it be a she?” S said, “it’s just delightful”, which sums it up for me, I love that big old thing. Walking there I held on to her  arm and  said, “I don’t want to lose you”. She said, “thank you. I don’t want to be lost”.
Our next adventure was lunch at Dazzle Jazz. I think everyone enjoyed the live music. The band played for the first half hour we were having lunch, that timing worked out well for us, having live entertainment as we waited for our food and as we began eating. J was impressed at how young the trio was, and when they finished,  L said, ” I’m loving this”, and when they finished T headed up to say hello to the band – Torrey joined him, and later said the drummer was  touched by T’s compliments.
A pretty magical day, actually. The cold wind prevented us from doing as much walking as we’d like, but we did keep moving – and air drumming, and laughing and exploring.