I was so happy  to see the group here around the table this morning, we talked about New Year’s resolutions (E, “I never make any. I guess because I’d forget I made them!”). We talked about games we played as a child (which was initiated by something P said. I had asked him what sport he was best at and he said, “Tiddlewinks” Ha!), board games, Shoots and Ladders, card games. D told us how much the “kids enjoyed” (but I think he did too) spraying Silly String all over each other one day at his home over the holidays. P blew the horn, E popped the poppers, and Jennifer threw confetti all over us!
P – Torrey told me – ‘Laughed like crazy all day today”. He was indeed joyful from the minute we saw him. He made everyone else laugh at lunch with a funny head twirl he did in imitation of the waitress, she thought it was great too. We ate at “Malones” in Arvada, a good spot for us. Nearby is Van Bibber Park and Trails, and by this time in the afternoon the snow had melted well enough to make for an enjoyable walk. J pet every dog we passed.  Some of us  zipped ahead with Jennifer and the whole group was amazed at this house under construction. D:”a triplex?” J: “it has three porches!”. So great to stop and really look at what we’re seeing sometimes.
This was a nice long walk today, and D in particular expressed how much he appreciated it.
We visited the Quilt Museum today and were lucky to receive an impromptu tour by one of the artists. His enthusiasm was contagious, P said, “he sure likes what he does!”
We learned a lot about the art of quilting, the way it portrays our American history and the many different  artistic  styles.
We didn’t have a tour scheduled, but the guide overheard E asking ‘How…?” – which is so her ! – love that curiosity. He came over to answer her question then spent time with us, which was wonderful.
A main theme of the current exhibit is  hexagons, they were everywhere. J noticed a sign that said there were 1300 in the one quilt and Jennifer said she was afraid he was going to try and count them all! D noticed not only did one quilt have many hexagons in it, but the quilt was in the shape of one.  And P knows that his buddy Torrey loves puns, so grabbed his attention to show this funny sign to him (attached).
J  had a great day too, Torrey recalls one funny thing he said. Torrey was complimenting his full head of hair and asked, “is it called salt and pepper?” Jerry:” just salt”.
Happy New Year everyone, see you in 2020 !