Littleton Historical Museum today, and browsing through Barnes & Noble

Littleton Historical Museum                      Littleton Historical Museum
Bruce’s description of today: “slow and steady, kept on rollin”
We began over coffee at the Starbucks inside Barnes & Noble, which we thought would be cozy and warm on this cold morning.
Our choice of coffee stops  proved better then planned, because after coffee we wandered around the bookstore quite a bit and kept that warm feeling going. Everyone was engaged – you’ll see J here more excited about the faux furs holiday gifts then the books nearby! – though I know she loves books, and brings the subject of reading up frequently, but of those blankets “we need this on our couch!”  D and S  in particular liked  leisurely browsing through the shelves, the subjects that grabbed them were sports, planes, cars, military, planets, space… At one point J walked over to read a sign over E’s head, and she ducked to get out of his way which he thought was funny since they are about a foot apart. Jennifer reminded her how short she is  compared to Jerry and the other guys. P said, “you don’t have to duck!” and bent down to make her laugh too.
D saw a book about Taos “just like my shirt says”, and we all gathered around the “Great Speeches” book and tried to identify all the famous people on the cover. We saw books about Tiger Woods and Nelso Mandella. D picked out familiar authors Balducci and Grisham.  And also the posters on the wall of classics like Gone With The Wind (Jennifer laughed while  telling me how everyone had to say, “Frankly My Dear…”) Bruce said, “we were all over that bookstore”. And we learned something about D. He does NOT like listening to books on CD in the car, ha! no hesitation about that!
Then on to the Littleton Historical Museum. One of their exhibits is leaving soon, it’s about toys and “The Way We Played”, and though this was a repeat for some we wanted to hit it up again before it’s too late. Everyone seemed to like it.  J was bothered by the Ken doll (“legs are too long, arms are too skinny”). The doll house brought back memories for D – when he looked inside it he saw a rocking chair and told us how he got one when his children were little, and how special those times were to him.
There was art on display too – the quilt depicting stilettos was a favorite of J’s, “those purple heels!” And a piece called “Floating Down Brown’s Canyon”. I’m not sure what that meant but P was sure he had been there.  And a painting of a camper van that David pointed out to Jennifer – “there you are”, as he recalled last week her mentioning she’d like to get an RV someday!
There is a lot to see outdoors at this museum and it seemed to be warming up, so they gave it a go. The group was able to walk around and at least say hello to some of the farm animals, which E and J couldn’t get enough of.
Then to lunch. The guys and gals split up, Jennifer took E and J to Village Inn. J told Jennifer how much she enjoyed listening to the children laughing at another table. Sunshine and flowers and children laughing, that’s a great day for Judy – we didn’t have much in terms of flowers today, but we got some sunshine and children for her!  Bruce took the guys to Los Dos Potrillos. And on the way home the guys had a little extra time so detoured through Chatfield State Park. Bruce has been noticing how  P is verbalizing more appreciation for nature and scenery lately. He always has, but I agree that more often nowadays he’s expressing gratitude for simply looking out the car windows at the mountains and rocks and sky.