Tour at Fort Logan today, what a special place.

Bruce told the group at lunch today, spontaneously he simply said, “I want to tell everyone something. I woke up feeling blah today, and now that I’ve spent the day with my friends I’m feeling so much better. ” It was a very sweet and sincere thing to say. Everyone was quiet for a moment, then G started clapping! Perfect.

This tour was super interesting today. Fort Logan has national, local, state, military and architectural history all wrapped up into one. The tours are free and open to the public every 3rd Saturday from 1:00 – 4:00, if you ever want to check it out. (I think I’ll go back!)

We learned that the house we toured was built in the 1888, not long after the Native Americans had left the area, having lived in teepees. Amazing. The military officer Logan, (who was instrumental in establishing what we now call “Memorial Day”) was a nationally recognized figure, and the military base was named in his honor. The property was a good location due to it’s proximity to water (Bear Creek) and a railroad. It was utilized in both World Wars, and between and after them so yes, lots of history. The particular house we toured was over 4,000 square feet and had 7 bedrooms. We kept the tour to 45 minutes, though everyone was comfortable lingering a bit longer.

We then headed to lunch on the patio at Homestead Golf Club, but the winds forced us to move indoors. The views from there are exceptional, so I was disappointed we had to move, and sure enough as soon as we got settled indoors, the winds stopped. Oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes.

Bruce and I each took our carpools on abbreviated “scenic drives” on the way home, since we were already at the base of the Rockies, Morrison, etc. Then home. I was telling my group that I’m often amazed how quickly our days go, and A said, “that’s because we do so much in one day!”

A few moments that stand out for me today:

S told a story during the tour today and he laughed at himself when he started out like this: “My grandfather used to drive a truck. He had – oh, I’ll never forget this.” pause. “I just forgot it”. We all chuckled, but it wasn’t long before he was able to finish his thoughts. And he sang a bit in my car today, which he doesn’t always do. Especially to “Let it Be”.

G of course sang too. A bunch. We love that about him. He told me stories of his father, “what a character”, and his granddaughter, her school, and her volleyball playing.

One minute when he had stopped singing, E told him assertively, “keep singing” G said, “only if I get paid.”

I overheard A telling the tour guide today, “I am thoroughly enjoying this. Thank you.” And I liked when he said to me towards the end of the day, as we were driving in the foothills, near wide open fields, “you’d never guess we are looking at all this, but we’re so close to town.”

J had a ball, Ms Enthusiasm. She asked me (a few times) where we were going today, and always replied along the lines of “sounds fine to me. Better then staying home doing puzzles”, or “it’s always good to go out, I don’t care where we go”..etc. Just up for an adventure. She’s an appreciative, fun person. However she also told me my nails are too short! Ha! Then she told me she remembers her mother painting her long nails red before she’d go out to play Bridge with her girlfriends. What a nice image of days goneby. I picture ladies all dressed up spending an afternoon together, and J as a child being impressed.

K and I had many laughs over the coffee house I chose today. Long story, but it was a bit of a hassle parking, paying, ordering, getting the coffees to go, getting back in the car, seatbelts…and then the coffee was extremely hot, almost impossible to drink, the cups were so full that coffee was bouncing out and some fell on S’s new shoelaces which he’d just shown us, and no one liked the taste of the coffee! Ha! He and I laughed about it all day.

Looking forward to next week’s adventure!