Harvard Gulch Park today, and lunch at Annie’s Café on Colfax

It was a little bit of history today for ladies day.

We started the day at Harvard Gulch Park, enjoying pastries,fruit and sparkling cider next to the children’splayground. Then off for a little walk through the park- which is next to a golf course-on our perennial search for restrooms. We decided to use the one in the Clubhouse of the Harvard Gulch Golf Course. Here is when wewe stumbled upon the history of the area.! Who would have guessed!?We learned from the golf pro that the land used to be a dairy farm as well as the Colorado State Orphanage. As many as 17,000 orphans resided inthis facility. It was stunning newsto all of us. We talked about the many reasons so many kids would have been orphaned in the early 1900s,World War 1, World War II, the Depression, the Dust Bowl, and disease. E had lots of questions about all this! The man who was telling us about this history has lived in the area for quite some time. He’s actually met and have had conversations with a few of the orphans who came back to visit as adults.

From there we drove downtown to visit and poke around the Brown Palace Hotel which is 127 years old. As we were driving downtown JM was reminiscing about the years she spent working downtown. She spoke fondly of the“husltle and bustle”, and having lunch on the 16th Street
Mall.  The Brown Palace was as beautiful as expected. Flower arrangements filled with orchids were everywhere. We simply wandered the lobby,
the 2nd floor, and the bridge over Tremont Street for about 45 minutes, exploring, oohing and aahing.
Lunch was at Annie’s Cafe on Colfax, a favorite.  Again, a lot of history. There were black and white movies playingon the TV’s, displays of collectable lunch pales which C noticed right off the bat (particularly the covered wagon one), and old game boards. 
On the way back to Littleton I told the ladies that Mary would be waiting for us with dessert, but we probably didnt have room after that bug lunch. E said “there is always room for desserts” and JM immediatley said “oh, thank goodness for E! ” Ha!