Arrowhead Country Club

Fun day with our guys!
We had really great weather for our  morning walk at Clement Lake. First off snacks and drinks at Einstein Bagels in Littleton, then our walk at the adjacent lake. L did a partial walk, then he and I plopped ourselves down at a bench and enjoyed watching the fish jumping  and the hawk soaring. Such a nice morning.  It was just pleasant, sitting there relaxed in the sunshine.
Bruce walked with K and V and R, at an easy pace, and they covered 3/4 of a mile.
V and I left after this, and  had some time to ourselves for another little walk at the park in his neighborhood, and I dragged him on an errand with me, where of course he proved to be helpful!

Bruce took the three other men to lunch at Arrowhead Country Club, which is nestled right into the gigantic Red Rocks.

The restaurant was very quiet today  and the scenery fantastic, which  works well for us so we can converse and hear each other, and when things are quiet, look out the windows at the views.
  Bruce told me later he thought he’d remember their conversations, but you know how that goes – we are immersed in the moment and by 5:00 it’s gone! But he does recall talking with R about Bandimere. And with the other guys about their hometowns.
And he took the group on a scenic drive afterwards, throughout the Country Club neighborhood and Chatfield State Park. (aren’t we lucky to have these beautiful places practically in our backyards?)
Bruce  said “K really came alive as we were driving to lunch”-he was appreciating that Roxborough area, and after lunch noticing how the “houses have those rocks right above them! I like this area, but I wouldn’t want to live here.”
Easy going day.  It went along quite well and we were able to have lots of time outdoors.