Nixons Coffee by the Platte River, and lunch in Evergreen, beautiful day

Hello everyone – Terrific day!
Our day began at such a beautiful place I didn’t want to leave! The outdoor coffee café at Hudson Gardens, alongside the Platte River. Brian brought an amazing morning collection of drinks and foods for us to snack on, we had a big table, partially shaded, very comfortable.
In the afternoon we took a  tour of a historic home in Evergreen (Humphrey House)  and had  lunch in a private room at an Italian restaurant. Yay! ALL GOOD. Our waitress pulled me aside as we were leaving and pretty much begged me to bring everyone back again soon. She was laughing and enjoying our silliness, and said it was such a great group of people.  Yes it is.

A visit to the Colorado Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at Red Rocks, perfect for today

We had a ball at Silo Park in Greenwood Village this morning. This was a large group, we met at the covered picnic tables with the multitude of snacks we had prepared – cold drinks, hot coffee, cheese, nuts, fruit, cookies etc. We were able to take quite a decent walk together after that, the temps didn’t get too hot this morning!

We then broke into smaller groups for the remainder of the day. My group and I started heading up to Morrison, to see what was happening, and take in some of the Colorado Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We drove up to the top, under the arch, and took in the view from the grand plaza. Through the haze we could see part of downtown, and could even make out the white tents of DIA out in the plains. We studied  a rock that G said looked like a lion roaring, and it did.  We watched folks running the stairs, T being the only one who thought it looked any sort of fun at all.

Then we walked down to the Red Rocks Hall of Fame. A couple of things that stick out, are T coming to get me to show me a poster of Lyle Lovett. He pointed at it and said “I love that guy”, and then he wheeled and pointed at a pic of Stevie Ray Vaughn, and said, “him too”. We did find out that  isn’t a Lovett fan, but at one point J and G were looking at the Springsteen display, and that was the one we could all agree on. We talked of seeing him live, or wishing we saw him live, and G telling us stories about seeing him in small places on the East Coast.

They was  a video going with clips from shows, and I think J would have been happy watching those clips for a few hours. They also have a lot of dinosaurs stuff on display, and as we were examining a T-Rex jawbone, we tried imagining Dino’s out running around. I brought up The Morrison Museum, which is a great little dinosaur museum, T remembered being there, and J and G were both interested. We will have to do that one soon.

We loaded up and left the area to get lunch down in town. We had a choice of Mexican on a rooftop patio, sandwich’s along Bear Creek, or the Red Rocks Grill with all the mounted animals on the wall. Yep, the stuffed animals won out, and we sat between a mountain lion named Bobby, and a reindeer who’s name slips my mind.  After lunch we loaded up, got a cup of ice cream for the drive, and headed down the hill.

The afternoon with the three guys was terrific. All three are quite close in their abilities.  We had a great talk about sports at lunch, and all 3 guys were engaged and participating. Nice to see.

Great way to start a day, at Tomari’s Coffee in Morrison

We had a fantastic day.

The two carpools met at a little coffee shop called Tomari’s which is located near Tiny Town along 285. They make a g​ood​cup of coffee there, and we shared a variety muffins, cinnamon rolls, and a slab of fudge (all homemade) to start our day. We sat outside under a massive umbrella, watching the kids and their parents get ready for a day at Tiny Town and ​a ​ride on the Tiny Town train.  Somehow our conversation landed on tornadoes and many of us had one experience or another with them. There is whimsical mural  painted in the patio area ​of Tomari’s ​and amateur artwork on display inside​, ​that caught the eye of several of us.  The staff quickly became aware of our unique group and treated all of us with such kindness​ and ​re​s​pect, and had a little fun with us too. They set up the tables and chairs for us outdoors, and  their service was exceptional.    Just a perfect way to start the day.
From there we made our way up Turkey Creek Canyon toward Marshdale. At the intersection of Turkey Creek and Highway 73 there is a ranch that raises bison, elk, and yaks. I knew about the bison and the elk but I didn’t know they had brought yaks onto the ranch. The first stop was to look at the elk who came running to the fence clearly looking for food.  We spotted a dispenser that looks like a gumball machine and asked if anybody had any quarters. Well Brian had quarters and got a handful of elk snack for all of us. I was hoping we would see some of the bison that are on the ranch but instead we found a small group of yaks one of which had a very new baby. The yak are inside two layers of fencing  so we weren’t going to be feeding tho​se guys. It was very peaceful to stand there and watch and listen to them munch away on the spring grasses. The ranch is in the middle of a big beautiful meadow surrounded by mountains​,​blue sky and wildflowers.  
Next up was Evergreen Lake. We spent 30 to 40 minutes the​re, ​walking along the boardwalk, talking with families, watching the paddle boats​,​canoes and stand-up paddle boarders in the lake and again taking in the beautiful scenery around us. T said it best “this  just doesn’t get any better.” We were all pretty amazed and impressed by a young couple on separate paddle boards. The dad actually had  an infant on the paddle boat with him. Occasionally the baby would cry and they would stop and kneel down on their paddle boards and Mom would reach over and adjust something in the seat then move on with their enjoyment of the lake.  Pretty cool actually.
Lunch was at the ​L​ariat Lodge ​with ​great views, great food, great service, and  just a really great day!