Parrots! and lunch at the historic B&B Café in Castle Rock

Well we welcomed a new friend and experienced a brand new place today! Both were great!
Our day started with  donuts and drinks. Lamar’s ​Donut Shop ​was very quiet and we had the place to ourselves.  D noticed​ on the T.V. there, ​the headlines  regarding the 50th anniversary of MLK’s death. That led to a fantastic conversation amongst us about teaching our children, as they were growing up, about tolerance and acceptance for people of color. S was clearly follow​ing ​the conversation because he stated  “it’s just wrong!” and he put his hand in front of his face and said ” just because of this you have to stay over there”  We understood he was talking about segregation. From there the conversation went to being kind, paying it forward, and being helpful. All of us agreed, there need​s​ to be more of that in our world today. 
​Both carpools then ​took the scenic route out to Elizabeth and saw some very pretty ranches out there in horse country on our way out to
​The Gabriel Foundation, which is a rescue for parrots, macaw’s, a few doves, cockatoos, etc. At any given time they have as many as 500 birds, 2/3’s of which are available for adoption.  Although we all couldn’t hear exactly what was being said by our guide because of all the whistling, squeaking, screeching,  and squawking, which at​ times ​was ​a  bit overwhelming for some of us, we did learn quite a bit about behavior, lifespans, and a bit about the foundation itself.  E was particularly taken with all of the birds; ​she stayed very near our guide as she showed us individual birds​,​and talked about their circumstances. Brian and I ​had ​to keep an eye her to be sure ​she ​didn’t fill out adoption papers and take a couple of these beauties home with her ! 
Dtoo was very interested in watching the birds behavior and trying to get them engage with him. ​ In fact he entertained us by imitating one of the birds in flight, which I was able to (sort of) get a picture of. ​V and T both took me up on the offer of earplugs and from there on they both enjoy​ed​the visit.  V was  so taken with the colors​ – ​and when one bird squawked, he yodeled.  Every time I was startled by a particularly loud squawk, T laughed and laughed !  D thoroughly enjoyed the tour as well, particularly the bonded pairs, which the rescue never separates. I could go on and on about every one​’​s interactions with the birds, but I could never paint the picture​ just right​…​​you had to be there. 
On the way to lunch in Castle Rock we drove through rolling wooded hills of Elizabeth and Fran​k​town and D spotted deer among the horses.  We all thought  it felt good to be in the country for a while…then we saw that big view of Pikes Peak and wow! ​!​Very peaceful after the excitement of the parrots.  
Lunch was at the B &​B Cafe, a great little historic spot in downtown Castle Rock with 2 bullets holes in the ceiling from a shootout 74 years ago!  The conversation was lively and full of friendship as we got to know our new friend D and his very dry and funny sense of humor!