Lunch on Tennyson Street and music – great day

Today was full of energy, laughter, color, and music!
We started our day at the office this chilly morning with fruit, pumpkin bread, and beverages…just the ladies (Brian joined us around noon), doing what a room full of grown women do.  Tell stories and giggle…a lot. Starting our day in the Out and About Colorado space is very cozy and relaxing. No pressure, no outside distraction, it’s pretty great !
​E had a couple of hysterical lines this morning. Mary showed everyone the ​delicious looking ​gluten free cupcakes and said they looked so good that E would​ have to share ​them with everyone. E, who usually denies being gluten free, announced, “Nope! I’m the only one here who is gluten free!” Also, as we were leaving, Mary (who was staying back at the office) told us that a lady would be a the sing a long who is thinking about joining our group, “so everyone needs to behave. Especially you, E” and her quick reply was, “then what fun will it be?”
J stretched out on of our couches, we enjoyed seeing her relax​ed​ and enjoying our space. We sat there in conversation for a while, A told us stories about her family and their connection to New Mexico, quite interesting. ​D was laughing hard as she retold stories of joining the “Monday Men”‘s group once, she remembered some pretty specific stories, it was a crack up. And she told ​me ​about outings she was on recently, which ​I had ​missed, in particular ​the ​visit to the Catholic Cathedral and the 911 Call Center.
From downtown Littleton we made our way down Sant​a​Fe through the Arts ​D​istrict.  If you haven​’​t been that direction for a while there are tons of big colorful murals painted​ on ​the walls of many of the buildings.  A noticed them ​first ​which  got everyone else looking for them.  That is, of course, ​a ​great​ thing​!  However, we were all looking back and forth across the street​, and ​looking so quickly trying to see what everyone was pointing out​, ​that I just had to make a loop and drive down the street ​again!  
The sing a long at the library was fantastic!  I think we were concerned that it might be too ​corny, but ​not even close.  All the gals really enjoyed them​s​elves. We were accompanied by a guitarist and keyboardist​, ​singing songs from the Beatles, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Willie Nelson, John Denver, and Johnny Cash.  Songs like Blowing in the Wind, Amazing Grace, Kumbyah, and Proud Mary.  You should have seen D doing her best Tina Turner singing “Rolling, Rolling, Rolling on the ​R​river”…it was so great to watch.  When asked if we would be returning next month…it was a resounding yes​, ​and thumbs up from J​.
​Brian joined us for lunch at the “Cozy Cottage”,​on Tennyson, ​a hit for us. A loved the décor and the food (devoured those scrambled eggs) and said a few times how “cute” it is. D was so talkative, Brian said she’s been like that all week. And she accepted a dare from Brian at lunch and took a spoonful of hot sauce. She was so happy today.
J got one of her favorites – pancakes. And the waitress had to bring us extra syrup! After lunch we had time for a drive in the neighborhood. A and E seemed to remember ​the old ​Elitch’s ​and where it ​used to be (there are still remnants), A commented on the “cute and small” houses, but E was bothered by all the construction and the changes (aren’t most of us?)
Looking forward to next Friday!

Lunch at Spanky’s Grill, a walk at Lowry Sports Center and we learned a thing or two about football!

What a beautiful day we had. 66 degrees on January 18th? Yes please. We had a smaller group today which  gave the day a sense of intimacy. I picked up T first,  and we  stopped on the way to J’s to buy   coffees for the group. We were quite happy with those coffees, sitting in the sun talking baseball, and weather, and whatever else, waiting to meet Jennifer and her carpool.

Once we were all together, we all climbed into one van and explored J’s area.  I took them to a home I lived in as a child,  near  6th and Dayton. Needless to say the area has changed since 1960. We made our way to  the Lowry Sports fields, and walked up the dam. Once we were on top we had spectacular views of the mountains. It’s a good thing J was there,  as we were trying to figure out the names of the peaks, and he was able to straighten us out.  We thought we could even see Wyoming from there, and  T suggested we drive  up that way to see if we were right.
Usually with bigger groups we will break up into smaller groups as we walk, but today we stayed close together. I think the smaller setting  must have helped because both T and J were more verbal and conversational today. And, as usual, D was in a great mood. I’ve forgotten how much I learn from D when we are out on walks. And not only was he sharp, he was quick to laugh and smile. It was nice.
In the afternoon,  we  took the three guys out to lunch at Spanky’s (near DU, great spot for us). J talked about his time at National Parks. He told an amazing story about camping with his daughters (if I’m remembering  correctly) when a herd of bison came upon them (yikes!) and later, wolves.  His stories were terrific, and everyone was entertained. He mentioned what she thought was a national park in New Mexico, but with D’s assistance – and a little help from Google – they decided it was a national monument they were thinking of, at Los Alamos. D told them how he once upon a time seriously considered taking  a job there. And T talked about his travels in Botswana when he was a young man, All  very interesting!
After lunch they got in another walk, on the Highline Canal  beside  Mamie Eisenhower Park. Jennifer  pointed out a baseball field but was corrected by J – nope, that’s a softball field, and he and D taught her why – the baseball field would have had grass in it!  We love these conversations, these interactions, these spontaneous dialogues. Sometimes they can be the most meaningful moments of the day.  D  used words Jennifer had never heard – he  referred to people from  South Dakota  as  “SoDakens” and used the expression “Mile-or-more” when they passed a very brightly colored car. She told me the guys taught her a thing of two today!
After lunch and the walk beside the park, a one hour talk about football, it’s history and it’s future. All the guys seemed to enjoy that hour, and it was a really good day for all!

Stock Show Parade

Well, few changes occurred today! Our plan was to  take a walk in Congress Park then ​visit the Ballpark ​Museum.  The 1st change we made was deciding to go to Confluence Park instead, and poke around REI if we needed to warm up.  On our way downtown, Brian saw signage  referencing the Stock Show Parade.  So that was change number two!
It was a wonderful day downtown.  Confluence was beautiful and surprisingly quiet ​ – ​almost peaceful, a few people relaxing in chairs in the sun with coffee, a few walkers and bikers, and a fisherman in the water under the overpass. During our “pit stop” in REI , D and I were joking about Big Foot…he does an​ ​excellent impression, growl and all !! We walked and took it all in for a bit, T and B did some rock climbing,

​we ​figured out the parade route, then headed to the Union Station area to try to stake out a piece of sidewalk along the parade route.  Well, we couldn’t find a spot right up front (all the kids had those) but we did pretty well, plus ​our spot ​was in the sun.  While we were waiting I listened to S have a wonderful conversation with a little boy about ​his ​glasses.  S comlipmented him on them and the young boy said they were new and just started jabbering on about being able to see!  
The parade was great.  First came the Texas Longhorn Steers, followed the Denver Mounted Police, stage coaches, the Westernaires, lots of cowboys, tractors, more horses and more cowboys.  We all got a real kick out of it.  J didn’t take his eyes off the parade and had a grin on his face the whole time.  
We walked down Blake ​ Street​, again winging it, looking for a burger and found a pretty darn good one at place called Hayters Bar and Grill.  T had the trout sandwich and seemed to be in heaven!!  We watched some folks play giant Jenga and the TV’s were playing music videos that sparked a conversation about MTV.  Phil Collins came up and J smiled again saying “he is one of my favorites”.
Another 15 minute sunny walk back to the car and our day was basically done,.  It went by so quickly and so smoothly.  We all got a kick out of the spontaneity of the day and sense of “freedom”.  The ​Ballpark ​Museum will be there for us next week.

Staunton State Park on New Years Day – great way to start our new year!


I was invited to join the guys for donuts this morning, and I was very happy to do so…to see them and also get off my computer!

The donut shop was closed for the holiday, but right next door was the  bagel shop so that worked out fine. After our relaxed morning together, they brought me back to the office and Brian took the guys all the way up to Staunton State Park. Lucky them! It was much warmer up there, and they got in a real decent trailwalk. Lunch was at the end of the day, back down in Lakewood on their way home.
All good today – a great way to start our new year.