Ladies Day, Holiday Sing a Long and friendships

Another lovely Ladies Day !

Everyone was in fine fine spirits ! D helped C finish getting ready this morning and as C popped her head through her sweater D broke out laughing saying she looked like a turtle just then. The look on Cs face was priceless, C said ​”​well it is a turtle neck sweater​”​ and immediately started laughing too. It was a wonderful start to the day! After we picked P up we were driving to the library listening to a CD that include​d​ a song ​with ​a bawdy 40’s swing vibe to it. P said it sounded like a strip club, CJ agreed, and D laughed s​o​ hard she was crying​.​

At the library both carpools came together for the Christmas Singalong. It was a great success. There was a guitar and a keyboard play​er​ to lead and accompany us and the words to the songs were projected on a screen at the front of the room. We could choose from a list of songs, C chose I’m dreaming of a White Christmas, Denise Felice Natividad, and JaneMarie chose Rocking Around the Christmas Tree (twice !) Actually we went through the entire list twice and I do believe everyone of us sang along and beautifully I might add! Apparently this library does a musical event and sing along once a month…we all thought it might be a good idea to try it out again in the New Year!​ Mary joined us after this, and asked the group if everyone enjoyed singing. J said, “I enjoyed singing, but I’m not sure they enjoyed listening to me!”​

We took the scenic route to Golden and had lunch ​at the Bridgewater ​ Grill in the Golden Hotel. It was perfect. A lovely view of Clear Creak and Table Mountain, quiet restaurant with very good food. The ladies teased Brian about whether or not to shave his beard, we talked of the upcoming Christmas festivities and what we may be doing to celebrate, and sang Happy Birthday to our friend C who is celebrating tomorrow​.​

I had the opposite carpool on the way home, which​ is ​ always nice. A talked about getting reaqainted with swimming​,​ with the help of her son. J​ ​ of her growing comfort and enjoyment of this group and wanting to get to know D better. And J told P and A about her Arvada neighborhood. ​ In Brian’s carpool I’m told that C surprised us all with memories of her dog. “I loved him like crazy.” She described him as shaggy and big, and said his name was Justin. R then told them about her dog Jingles. We guessed that was due to her Christmas birthday and she said yes, but also the bell around his collar. About then a man was in the crosswalk in front of Brian’s car, in a teeshirt and shorts. E asked, “does he think he’s in Florida!?”​

Rocky Mountain Arsenal and Nature Preserve

Our “Tuesday Tourists” each had a good good day today. We took advantage of the nice weather and, after our morning coffee break, went to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal/Nature Preserve. I had never done the driving tour, but Brian had – so his car led the way. We drove slowly on the one way path, pulling over (lucky us!) when we saw two bison right next to the road. Brian snapped a great picture. That of course was a highlight, but equally exciting were the silly “critters” , I believe they are prairie dogs, they were a riot. Chirping and running and standing you know like they do – at attention. We all got a kick out of them. D  called them groundhogs. I asked the group, innocently – “Could they be named both groundhogs and prairie dogs?” J answered with a confident “no”, then starting laughing. “Actually, I have no idea!”
In my car at least, we were singing Christmas songs and I am very happy to report that E was singing along a LOT! Now that I’ve discovered how to get her to sing,  we may be playing Christmas songs in our car from time to time all year long! T messed up one of the words and he has that wonderful ability to laugh at himself, so when he heard the word “snay” come out of his mouth, instead of “sleigh”, he repeated it and we all just changed the word  and kept on going with it. “Snay bells ring!”
E not long after this cracked us all up. She was sitting alone in the “way back” of my van. We were singing -sort of – most of us couldn’t remember the words – “Santa Claus is coming to town.” T: “He’s coming today? or is he coming tomorrow?” E, from the back, quite dramatically says:  “No. He is coming to town. Santa. Claus. Is coming. To town.” She was really hamming it up and D laughed so hard the  way she does. Now that’s a beautiful sight!
 And T, as we were arriving, was flabbergasted that we had driven so far. He called it “the boonies” and asked me once, “Where are we going!?” V quickly answered, “over there.” Which tickled – and satisfied – T. Those two get such a kick out of each other.
We had  a bit of a walk today. Not so much quantity as quality. We crossed a fabulous footbridge over a shallow but large pond, which had a decent layer of ice on top of it. As we walked across the bridge it would dip into the water and break the ice. We really liked that. It was fun to watch, fun to touch, fun to hear, and fun to do! Brian grabbed a big chunk of that ice out of the pond and let us examine it.
And we listened to  Brian’s explanation of how years ago the government took ownership of more then  200 homesteads from the property but how one remained – so we looked at it, talking  about it’s architecture and topography (did it have electricity? Did it have trees? Could those evergreens have been planted by the owners? Was it close to the river? …) And D danced today, that is always a treat to watch –  her uninhibited joy.
V yodeled at the prairie dogs,  A was enthusiastic in particular about our restaurant choice today (We were at the Fish Company inside Bass Pro Shop. Everyone likes the decoration there, and they have quite decent fish tacos and burgers), and J in her good natured way oohed and ahhed at every deer, and really every little thing we observed today.
A day of friendship – everyone looking out for each other and enjoying each other’s company. absolutely. Glad we got lots of time with Mother Nature too.