Chatfield State Park today and the Red Rocks Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

D said a couple of times, “I gotta take my husband here”, when we were at the Red Rocks Rock n Roll Museum this afternoon. I was surprised, actually, how much time we spent there. It was something I thought we’d enjoy for a half hour or so, plus of course the amazing drive to get up there, but it ended up having lots we each were interested in.  A read about Glenn Miller, D and I liked John Denver’s section, we looked at pictures of Elvis and other entertainers, and we also went out to their patio to take in the views. I had to practically drag A away from that patio, he was soaking it all in.
I had A and J and D in my care throughout the morning, and it was a complete pleasure. We lingered over our “coffee break” and shared stories, then took  a 40 minute stroll at the lake in Chatfield State Park. J and A are getting to know each other better, and today we discovered many similarities in their life stories. Is it possible that they both were involved in developing a suburb!?
Additionally, A and his wife  have extensive experience in sailing, and J said her husband  frequently sailed when they lived in Texas, and A was familiar with the area! (if I understood correctly, “Conley”).
We counted the sailboats on the lake, watched a small plane circle overhead, appreciated how uncrowded it was in the park, found small flowers still blooming in the sun, a trail left behind by a snake (well, that’s what I thought but J was probably correct that it was a trail left by a boy dragging a stick. More poetic at least), we grabbed each other’s arms or a hand now and then, helping to step over a bump in the road, or down a step…
There were many healthy and beautiful trees along the shore of the lake, (J pointed out the contrast in colors of the leaves against today’s very blue sky) and also many fallen trees, which had white washed branches. I wanted to take some of them home, they were so cool looking. I decided against it because no one offered to help me carry large branches into my car!…but then I found a teeny one  and considered taking it instead…but, “J, is this a bone? Or is it from the tree?” J: “it’s a tree bone” Ha!
Off we went to lunch, to a good Mexican restaurant. Bruce met us there and added some enthusiasm and energy to our afternoon. A liked his food, though “prefers Tex-Mex” and we shared some hearty laughs over he and Bruce posing for a picture together holding a vase of flowers – extremely silly and really funny.