our day in Georgetown

   Gosh, it is always good to get up in the hills a bit, and this was just the group of guys to do it with.

   We wanted to get on the road pretty quick, so ​we had an abbreviated coffee break. The ​mood around the table was quite jovial today. Everybody was in good spirits, especially when the coffee started kicking in. S brought up the fact that he had misplaced his usual hat,​ and ​B without missing a beat came back with “Well at least you didn’t lose your head”. That was the kind of silly stuff that was going on all day. There was a very easygoing vibe today. This is such a good combination of guys. I ​notice in our coed groups, and our ​ladies ​groups​, how people look out for each other. ​But I also really noticed it with this group today. I love it when somebody steps up to the plate. Today one of the guys was having problems finding some words, S  jumped right  in and said ” That happens to me all the time, and always at the worst times’. Instead of getting frustrated with not being able to ​find ​the words, we were able to laugh. I think it is so cool that our guys are that comfortable, and feel that safe with ​each other​. Humor and acceptance can go far.

 We aimed ​w​est and started working our way up the hill. By the time we got to Gennesee, the ​morning ​clouds had cleared​. ​I don’t think we had the radio on at all on the way up.
We came in to Georgetown along the lake, which got D to talking about the jeep races on the frozen lake. We decided to drive up to the parking lot at the top of the pass. Georgetown is about 8600 feet, and most of the color was at ​bout that level. As we drove up the pass we started noticing patches of snow. As we continued driving up, the patches turned into some coverage. We discussed the dam, the power plant, and most of all the scenery. The top of the pass is right at tree line. There were patches of dirt and tundra visible, but most of the ground had a few inches of snow. It was sunny and about 53 degrees, but when the breeze came off the snow we ​could feel it. We walked a trail for about a half hour. Probably best if I just let the pics speak for themselves. It was beautiful!


​Then to ​Georgetown for lunch. Last year we found a cafe that we had never been to before, we gave it a try and added it to our mix of restaurants. It is called the Blue Sky Cafe. Not much to look at, but friendly as can be, and the food is fresh and good.  Their dessert special was a fresh blackberry cobbler that they had just made that morning. We figure​d​ that would be a good way to end our day. We all got a spoon and went to work. As we were heading out, T said​”​excuse me​”​and ran back in to thank the staff there. He does that often, and I think it is great.
   We had a really nice day. Relaxed, and just going with the flow. It is nice to have those ​kind of days ​once in a while. All the guys were in exceptional moods today.