Morrison Museum today, and lunch at Tony Rigatonis

We had a relaxed time outdoors this morning at Clement Park with our snacks in the shade. It heated up pretty quickly, so we chose to linger there instead of hitting the path around the lake. But we of course were perfectly happy. We only had about a 1/2 hour anyway, before we headed to Morrison for our tour.

During our time in the park this morning, there was a group of moms taking an exercise class with their toddlers, so that certainly gave us something to watch! and lots of geese who were approaching us for any left behind scraps of food, and the lake in the distance…
After our drinks and goodies, then clean up,  then we all climbed in the minivan. We had a nice drive to Morrison (and J sang for me in the car! That was a first!) and we  arrived on time for our 11:30 tour. Doug  was our guide and he was very very good. Kept all of us engaged, went at a comfortable pace, let us touch and question and guess at answers when he quizzed us.
I took a picture of J holding 30  million year old “dinosaur poop” which she happily said, “is  older then me!”
The tour was a bit over an hour and ended in an outdoor area where we could each have a turn at chipping away at a rock which had dinosaur bones imbedded in it. Everyone took their time experimenting with this project, and I was pleased to hear S ask the guide when we finished, “Could I do that again?” (which he did)
S had been looking forward to this tour all morning, and told us how often he had passed by the museum but had never gone inside, and I got the feeling he was quite satisfied by the end of the tour.
And yay to D.  The guide asked us, “do you know where the first Longneck in the world was found?” She answered very quickly and confidently, “Morrison”. My uncle lived here and he taught that to me”
I took a picture of the gift shop, because though we were on time for our tour, our guide wasn’t ready, and so we actually spent a chunk of time  goofing off in that gift shop… D picking up the stuffed dinosaurs and poking the ladies with them, Brian coming after D with a puppet dinosaur. I noticed a toy, pointed to it and asked, “does anyone need a four wheel drive Stegasoraus head?” D – Mr Quick Wit – quickly asked, “don’t we all?”
He was so happy today, well, everyone was. It’s a comfortable group of friends for sure.
We had lunch on a patio in Morrison (Tony Rigatonis). It was our first visit there as a group and a place we will definitely return to.
Nice service and huge servings of salads and sandwiches and pastas.
Good day, I enjoyed every minute.

donating to the food bank, out to lunch, and time at Chatfield Botanic Gardens, a very good Ladies Day!

What a marvelous day. We started off by meeting at D’s new home. I can tell that she was proud, she insisted that we all come in for a tour! She showed us around her new home with so much pride and joy. We all took a turn at patio darts, J was the ringer, she claimed she was aiming for the opposite side of the board, but all 3 darts landed in the same spot on the board! We then went for a walk and  D pointed out the amenities. We toured the clubhouse, which is beautiful, then sat  poolside in the shade with the Rocky Mountain backdrop, while enjoying a mid morning snack.
Next we headed to  “Stepping Stone” to donate to the ir​food bank. They really appreciated our donations and  greeted us eagerly and  very warmly. We were there ​only ​briefly, but we ​later ​talked about the impact  our donations  on those with disabilities and the community that is in need. There was a woman in the parking lot as a matter of fact, who  was clearly living out of her car, and she  had just picked up a few bags of food.  As E  said “we have to take care of each other!” J commented on how good it was to help others through charity. Thanks to all who donated, we had lots of bags of groceries for them.
On to the Botanic Gardens at Chatfield for a nature walk. But wouldn’t you know it, the rain started just we were entering the gardens. Fortunately, we had a tent to stand under. We enjoyed the light shower and decided to​ take ​the walk after lunch. On our return later, it was interesting to watch who was drawn to what type of plants and colors. C and D seem to be purples, E yellows, C seemed to like to big views, for J the unfamiliar plants caught her eye, and everyone noticed at one time or another all the bees, fully aware that they are in decline and needed all these flowers.
There was a variety of sumac there called Skunkbush which  C noticed. She looked, and pondered, trying to figure out the name. She finally decided that it was time to move on because it was “probably a favorite hiding place for skunks.”  The vegetable garden is quite large and very healthy looking right now. We found melons, green beans, tomatos, potatoes, onions, lettuce, the list goes on.
 Lunch was at Virgilio’s, there was a wide variety of food ordered from salads to what looked like scrumptious lasagne. The table talk turned to grandkids and football safety, to which bones we have broken!
The day went by quickly and we did a lot, and everyone did well. ​ ​I love my time with this group