lunch at Homestead Golf Course, and a walk at Lookout Mountain

Brian and I had a good day with the group, in fact when I spoke to Brian later in the afternoon I said, “today was really  good, wasn’t it?” He said, “yea it was great.”

Glad he agrees! I thought it flowed along very comfortably. The weather was extremely cooperative, we  didn’t feel even one sprinkle until we were literally walking to our cars at the end of the day.
We met at a LaMars we hadn’t been to yet (and we’ve been to many!) Brian’s carpool and mine met there. That’s always a nice part of the day, the sort of coming together of everybody..the hellos, the smiles, the greetings..
After our “coffee break” we divided back into  2 cars and drove to a meeting place near 285 and 470, then everyone got in the van so we could take the rest of the drive, up the hill on 285, together. That was a crack up, listening to all the discussions and friendly teasing.
Then to Lookout Mountain Nature Center, where we spent little time indoors, a bathroom break basically, then straight out the back, down the stairs, and onto the trail. In the end, Brian’s tracking  system said we climbed the equivalent of 3 flights of stairs and were at just about a mile. Parts of the trail were a bit rocky and everyone was careful to not only look out for themselves, but also each other. We took a break after we completed the circular path, sat on some benches under the trees, and S entertained us with stories of camping days he’s had, fishing and catching crawdads.  The walk wasn’t long but we all agreed we really like being outdoors.
Lunch was outdoors too, on the patio of Homestead Golf Course. The views from that patio are so fantastic. E pointed out Red Rocks Amphitheatre to us in the distance, and we teased her about our recent putt-putt golf game we had a couple of Fridays ago, and how we had to drag her away, boy she  did enjoy that golfing!, so we told her she had to sit still while we were at the golf course today and not sneak away onto the driving range.
We like having lunch here, the parking is easy, it’s so special to be seated outside with those  panoramic views, the service is always good (thank you Dakota!); it’s a comfortable place for us.  In the photo the sky looks as if a storm is arriving, but actually the temps were perfect throughout our meal, a mild breeze and all that good stuff. But just as lunch was ending we heard thunder, so took our que and headed for the cars and our homes.

Putt Putt, The Dusty Boot, new friends, and an all around great day!

All three carpools met for a round of putt putt golf this morning, but not before enjoying some lemonade, snack​s​, and  getting to know the 2 members of our group! They slid right in, especially K, like she’d been with us all along.   Laughing, cracking jokes, listening to stories, and the line I love the most that I heard frequently from her was “Oooh, tell me about it” .  She is so interested in people lives and stories AND she was game to give putt putt a whirl.  Actually, everybody was game!  We laughed and cheered through about 6 holes (the game goes slowly when you have 7 people playing).  We had a lunch reservation to make,​ and Brian and I kept trying to get the gals corralled and off the course but they  kept playing!  When I asked C if she was ready to go she said “No, I want to keep learning this game and get better!”  She really was not ready to leave!   I think everyone would have been happy to stay and finish the round, which is fantastic, but the heat was coming on and the lunch was calling.

We went across town to Greenwood Village for lunch at the Dusty Boot.  We had the best waiter today, so kind and patient,​and ​he kidded with everyone.  We had been laughing so much, he came out and asked if we had snuck liquor ​in our water glasses, ​instead of buying at the bar from him!  It was a big table, we lingered there for quite a while and had marvelous time. We had the patio to ourselves, and as J pointed out, it was a good thing we were outside, because they would have thrown us out by then if we were inside!

lunch at Higher Grounds in Golden

I picked up C this morning and we sang to the oldies on the way to pick up our friend B. When the three of us were on the way to coffee we talked about when we came to Denver and how it has  changed.  C said that she was glad she and  her husband didn’t move anywhere else. We all agreed Denver is a great place. This morning we  walked ​the Highline Canal path. It was great for us, much shade along the path. On our walk we noticed how low the creek was, saw some sort of salamander, and even a humming bird zipping about. I’d say we got well over a mile in.
We then  drove to Golden, which I thought might be not too crowded and a bit cooler, and it was. We went to a coffee place I like  – Higher Grounds – which makes sandwiches among other goodies, and so that was our lunch today, sweet and simple! The  barista/sandwich maker/server/entertainer/overall nice guy helping us, was dressed head to toe in red, white and blue! This team is always so good to us, and we certainly appreciated the holiday attire today!
Then we walked around Mines campus, in particular on some pretty steep  streets, B certainly enjoyed that, C and I were fine with it too. I was touched about something B  did. I was near him, C had been a few steps behind us for about a block. When we arrived at some bushes blocking the sidewalk, B turned back to her and told her to be careful. I was impressed that she was still in his mind, he was aware she was there and was watching out for her. He is always such a gentleman.
It was only our little group today, and it was quite nice.