Nice afternoon. I wanted to be indoors more then outdoors today since it was so hot, but we ended up having a nice combination of both. We had a simple lunch, then went to the History Colorado Center, to their art exhibit. We had the ENTIRE exhibit to ourselves, it was remarkable. It is a separate section on the 4th floor, and the ladies and I could take our time, not be concerned about crowds, talk as we please, oh my gosh it was so special!

After that we went to Platte Park for a walk. There were children playing in the playground, and I had brought a couple of cookies for J and C, so we munched and sat and watched. The little girls in our view were all in summer dresses, and were on the old fashioned spinning equipment, I don’t know what it’s called, but it was nostalgic for each of us. I said to J, “it looks like this scene could be from 100 years ago”, and she said, “well I wouldn’t know, I’m not that old!”

We walked the loop of the park, then headed home. All went well! Friendship and art and snacks in a park!

Homestead Golf Course, nice patio for our meal today

Our day began with  a  coffee break  (we went to “Steam” near Colorado and 8th) and we didn’t know if we’d split up into two groups from there or stay together, but the guys were  enjoying themselves, it was very comfortable and flowing  right along, so we decided to drive in one car from there to share a late  breakfast in the foothills.  We ate at the Homestead Golf Course, where we have taken groups in the past. It’s lovely during the winter months (Christmas tree by the fireplace), but even better on these sunny days. An exceptional view from the patio. We had nice service and some really great conversations, military talk of course, but also lighter subjects like the energetic dog C   is watching for a couple of weeks, the great view we had of the Rockies, and rating our favorite beers (Budweiser was low on the list, Guiness was much higher!).  A simple few hours together today, and smooth sailing!

lunch at Annie’s on Colfax in Denver

We had lunch at Annie’s on Colfax today, they are always so nice to us. I had to snap this picture of L after we left the restaurant, I thought he looked so cool in his hat! You can see it was a nice day outside, we enjoyed a long walk in City Park before heading to Annie’s, and we attended a lecture at History Colorado in the afternoon. Thank you to the staff at Annie’s for always making us feel welcome, great food and oh…that patio door was open and we enjoyed the breeze!

Marjorie Parks Museum of Outdoor Arts

We had a lovely day that included tons of artwork and outdoor gardens. First stop was the Marjorie Park Museum of Outdoor Art​s​, lunch at an Asian Grill, then Hudson Gardens, the Littleton Depot Art Gallery, a scoop of ice cream in downtown Littleton,  then an art gallery next to the ice cream shop!
K’s enthusiasm  for all things art is infections and her willingness to try and do just about anything is quite refreshing! Her wit was quick today and she expressed her gratitude frequently. The day went by so quickly and easily. K was a joy to be with!

Lunch at Original Pancake House and lots of time outdoors

This morning I had the luxury of some 1 on 1 time with J while in the car. I love to hear her stories, she often puts on a funny J twist on them.

We met the group at one of ​favorite spots​, Great Harvest Bread Co. for what seemed like the worlds best cinnamon rolls and

some ​drinks.
We then went for a walk along Highline Canal Trail.  We were able to point out various birds, complete with baby ducklings

​ swimming behind their mother​. (J said they looked like little pine cones) The trees ​there ​are very large and there was some speculation about  their age. In my opinion D’s guess was the closest.  We passed a riding stable, where we saw children preparing for lessons and a wonderful view of the mountains.  It was a good paced walk  today.
For lunch we went to the Original Pancake House.  The waitress  surprised us with an apple souffle​, steaming hot. She said, “I thought you are all so nice

​​so ​I wanted to do this for you”.  What a great surprise. We divided that up and were still eating when all our plates arrived. Whoa! They were big servings and yet pretty much everyone ate it all!
While we were waiting for our food, and having our apple appetizer/dessert…we got on the subject of events in our lives when we felt brave. D – enlisting, that certainly won the award of course. J​ ​- we asked her if she felt brave when she boarded the train as an 18 year old and headed out to college, but she said, “no. It’s just what I was expected to do and it was exciting!”
I told them a story about how I used to play with my buddies in a barn with firecrackers as a kid, knowing it was dangerous but doing it anyway. D turned to Mary and said, “I think you better check him out more carefully!” D, as always, with the one liners today. He is quiet and listening, and then…pow!
After lunch we actually had time for another walk. We had an afternoon client who was going to join us, he lives near Lowry so that was our destination

​. He​ cancelled but  we decided to head over there anyway. We wandered around the sports complex a bit, and took this group photo. We walked only 10 feet or so on a mild incline, but decided the photo would look like we climbed a mountain.
B as usual, liked walking ahead of the group at a faster pace, it’s great to watch him in action, so full of confidence and energy.
Good bunch of people, nice day today.


Sweet Cow for ice cream and a sing along, great day!

Fun “Ladies Day” today!!

A picnic, ukulele sing a long,  ice cream, and temporary tattoos
Everyone was  singing and strumming and got into it in one way or another.
The lady at Sweet Cow took at least 10 minutes out of her day to play with us, she was awesome with the ladies. We really appreciate that.
Really good day.