Our morning began at the historic Stone House in Lakewood.  This will likely be a frequent meeting place for the carpools throughout the summer for our Friday Ladies Day.  We enjoyed the morning breeze and some very gooey sticky rolls and apples on the patio before going to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden.

The current exhibits are “Under the Western Sun” and “Buffalo Bill: Quilting the Wild West”.  The museum was a hit. I think most of, if not all of us (myself included), were expecting to see antique quilts like grandma mad​e​. However ​we ​were very impressed by the art on display. The quilts truly look like paintings at first glance.  Our docent, Angie, was warm, very enthusiastic and humorous. As with any piece of art we were all drawn to something different, colors, patterns, and the story depicted.  Angie explained how the stitching techniques were used to create depth and texture, some quilt use photographs, some were painted, but all were beautiful.  C stepped back often to take in the whole piece from a distance,  ​L ​was drawn to the southwest colors and American Indian pieces, D picked up on the more tradition​al​ quilts that reminded her of her grandmother​’​s work, and E was focused on the stitching, she just could not believe the stitching.

For lunch, we headed back over to Lakewood where Brian joined us at Zest. Lunch ​was ​terrific and very relaxed. There was a lot of laughter and teasing around the table and the conversations were all over the board.

I neglected to wish each one of the​se ​ wonderful women a Happy Mothers Day, so I will say​ it ​here!  I’m looking forward to next Friday!