Golden Colorado today, lunch, walking, laughing

As usual, today was a hoot with The Monday Men​. Each of them has  a spirit of friendship and appreciation and can laugh easily, which  makes for such a fun day.
We met for drinks and goodies at Panera Breads in the Aspen Grove center, and were able to spread out on their patio. It was a more quiet environment then being indoors, so the guys could hear each other better. That led to a little discussion about hearing loss- who can hear best out of which ear, who has lost some hearing due to things they’ve done in the past, being around loud music or machines, etc…L started to explain to us  how the noise of the police car sirens affected him. For some reason M, in the midst of Lou’s explanation, let out a loud Hoot! to no one in particular, I think he was just trying to get everyone’s attention on the subject of not being able to hear each other. Lou didn’t miss a beat, he incorporated, “and this guy’s Tarzan yell”…, right into his story. L has such great timing! Funny guy.
I bumped my rear tire into the curb as I was turning a corner earlier, and R asked me if I “went to the Ray Charles School of Driving”, which really made Bill chuckle in particular. At the end of the day I had a few of the guys in my car and I said , “I need to go shoe shopping for my daughter’s wedding. Does anyone want to go with me?” B – deadpan – “nobody  I know”. And B, as we were sitting and standing by the river today, I said something along the lines of “I hope we didn’t lose anyone in the river.” D wasn’t completely sure I was kidding and got a little panicked look on his face. Bill said, “oh yea, we lose a few every once in a while.”
I get such a kick out of watching the guys in action, they are really engaged and enjoying themselves, plus  enjoying making each other laugh.
We had two separate tables at lunch, I was with R, D and T. M’s daughter came to join us today, that was wonderful!, she hung out at my table a bit and somehow we got on the subject of swearing. I was trying to help her get to know the guys and said, “well, R doesn’t swear much, neither does T, and D never does. Right D?” D’s quick reply “Hell no.’
M made me so happy with his enthusiasm about wanting to do something which I wouldn’t allow him to do however!  But I did admire his enthusiasm! He was just happy happy happy today.
We all got in a great walk along the creek in Golden. At one point we came to a children’s slide which went in a twist from the sidewalk above to the sidewalk below, and he literally had his sunglasses off and was on the ground ready to go when I said, “Wait! Your daughter is coming to lunch with us! How about we wait until she can be part of this?” Brian thought it would have been fine, I tend to be more cautious, but, well, it didn’t happen. At least not today.
Beautiful day in Golden, enjoyed watching the kayakers and chatting with people passing by. A drive up the Lariat Loop after lunch and some more walking made it a full and fun day.
Our morning began at the historic Stone House in Lakewood.  This will likely be a frequent meeting place for the carpools throughout the summer for our Friday Ladies Day.  We enjoyed the morning breeze and some very gooey sticky rolls and apples on the patio before going to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden.

The current exhibits are “Under the Western Sun” and “Buffalo Bill: Quilting the Wild West”.  The museum was a hit. I think most of, if not all of us (myself included), were expecting to see antique quilts like grandma mad​e​. However ​we ​were very impressed by the art on display. The quilts truly look like paintings at first glance.  Our docent, Angie, was warm, very enthusiastic and humorous. As with any piece of art we were all drawn to something different, colors, patterns, and the story depicted.  Angie explained how the stitching techniques were used to create depth and texture, some quilt use photographs, some were painted, but all were beautiful.  C stepped back often to take in the whole piece from a distance,  ​L ​was drawn to the southwest colors and American Indian pieces, D picked up on the more tradition​al​ quilts that reminded her of her grandmother​’​s work, and E was focused on the stitching, she just could not believe the stitching.

For lunch, we headed back over to Lakewood where Brian joined us at Zest. Lunch ​was ​terrific and very relaxed. There was a lot of laughter and teasing around the table and the conversations were all over the board.

I neglected to wish each one of the​se ​ wonderful women a Happy Mothers Day, so I will say​ it ​here!  I’m looking forward to next Friday!

Littleton Historical Museum and lunch at Breckenridge Brewery

Today after coffee, we headed to the Littleton Museum. J gets the line of the day award. As we walked in to the museum we were greeted by the volunteers behind the desk. One of the ladies asked if we were all together. Without missing a beat J replied….”we are with each other, I don’t think anyone would say we have it together though.”

 We wanted to get out to the farm area before the rain came, (which it never did, lucky for us) There were a few field trips there, so the park was in full swing. Our Tuesday group loves the little ones, and they all seem to take great joy out of  talking with the families. C especially lights up when she sees the really small ones. There was an adorable little girl in a carrier, I think C spent a good ten minutes with that baby. She was so happy and content. She also really liked the longhorn steers?! There was a park employee dressed up as a Civil War union soldier. He was manning a table that we sauntered over to. He told us what it was like to be in the Civil War, while showing us how they made coffee and bread. He then told us about how he would mix flour and water, wrap the batter around his bayonet, then stick the bayonet in the fire to cook the bread.  He also filled us in on how it is a working farm. He was really an interesting guy. I am glad we ran across him.
Another hit was a bighorn sheep they had. We weren’t   supposed to pet the animals, but this was the friendliest Bighorn ever. He put his front legs on the fence so he could be closer to us.  Most of the guys went up to him, as did J and D. We also saw two of the fattest hogs I have ever seen, as well as a couple of very affectionate mules. We stopped and smelled the roses, other flowers, and just about every tree we came up on. Really turned into a nice walk. We then went inside and poked about the inside of the museum for a while. The museum was right in D’s wheelhouse. She knows the area so well that it was like having a tour guide!

We loaded up and headed out to Breckenridge Brewery for lunch. They did their usual nice job.  I had the guys with me as we were walking up to the restaurant. I pointed out the brewery part and mentioned they gave tours. Naturally there was some curiosity. I mentioned that most of the tours we take are short, maybe an hour at the most, and I heard this was a three hour tour. T immediately started sing the Gilligan’s Island song, the part about getting lost on a three hour tour. It is amazing the stuff we retain. After lunch, Mary met us there and we loaded up for the drive home.

Everyone was in a good mood today, conversational and friendly. Can’t wait until next time!