lunch at Macaroni Grill today, and the terrific IMAX film, National Parks Adventure

We have been so lucky with the weather the last few weeks that none of us could complain today . Jennifer and I were the hosts for the day and we decided to try something different for morning snack. We met at a bookstore in Littleton that has a cafe inside.  It was a bit busier than we expected, but that gave us plenty to talk about and to see. Between the children, the books, the toys, and the Moose Munch popcorn, we had a lot to keep us busy.

After we had our tea and coffees, we walked across the parking lot to take a short walk. We wanted to at least  get some exercise in. It was really pleasant when we started out, going around the lake with the intention of turning back  about halfway around, which would have given  us about a mile. The first half we took our time, looking at the clouds build, watching the geese and the ducks, and stopping to pet any dog that we came across. As we were getting ready to turn around, we came across a big goose that was missing a foot. We speculated how he lost it, and watched him attempt to hop around on one foot. Someone walked by and said he probably got it stuck in the ice, and lost it that way. As soon as we turned around, so did the weather. The wind picked up and it got damp. We hussled back to the bookstore for another rest room break before lunch.

We had lunch at  Macaroni Grill. The food was good, the service exceptional, and everyone had a box to go for later. Everyone was relaxed, and the table was very conversational.

We then went  to the Wildlife Experience at C.U. South for an IMAX on National Parks. The movie was  terrific. It is a 3D film about how the National Parks got their start, with  visits to several in the Western part of the country. There  was beautiful scenery in every frame.  I heard several oohs and ahhs, and some giggling when a groundhog jumped up off the screen and almost ran into our 3D laps.

After the film we headed  home. As I dropped  our new friend C,  she asked if we get to do this again. I acted incredulous and asked if she really wanted to go out with us again after spending two days with us. She got a big smile and said “you bet I do!”

tour of Molly Brown House today and lunch at Breakfast on Broadway

Great day with our Tuesday Troop!

We met everyone for the morning break, enjoyed a morsel or two and got caught up with each other before heading downtown to the Molly Brown House.  We arrived in plenty of time to park, get tickets, and enjoy a walk around the block before our tour.  The house is on Pennsylvania between 13th and 14th.  The tulips and lilacs are blooming all around the block, there were plenty of people out enjoying the weather, and 13th is a pretty interesting street! We saw ​lawn art about not letting your dog poop in the grass, tattoo shops, and lost articles of clothing.  E had noticed and old dirty sock in the street and commented on it, just as B pointed out a pair of shorts lying a few feet away near the alley. T quickly said he hoped the poor guy ​at least ​had his shoes and shirt!

The tour was excellent, the docent really knew her stuff, and the house is beautifully restored to the Victorian Era. The focus of the tour shedding light on the real Margaret Brown, not the Hollywood version of the “Unsinkable Molly Brown”  She was quite a wom​an​​!  As I drove the ladies to lunch we talked a bit about Molly Brown and the tour. I was glad it was just the ladies ​in my car ​because we had a hilarious conversation about corsets, girdles, garter belts, and panty hose!  Lot of giggles!  As we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant J asked “I wonder what the guys are talking about?”

We dined at a favorite, Breakfast on Broadway.  D started cracking up immediate​ly​when we told her where we were going.  I don’t think she will ever forget the salad the J was served there many months ago​, which was ​huge​.​  As always, the food and service w​ere​ great…they even brought us a plate of cookies, gratis!


Our afternoon walk was at nearby park, Harvard Gulch. Great day to be outdoors, all went well!

Ladies Day + Brian!


On Fridays we have “Ladies Day” and  so much fun. Spontaneously, one recent Friday, the ladies were wondering  the measurements of a  huge tree they came upon, and then decided to grab hands and encircle it! –  Jennifer took this picture afterwards; these smiles make me so happy. Brian and Jennifer cohost most of our “Ladies Days”, and Brian said he enjoys  this day in his week as it’s quite a change from his Monday Men’s group!


today at Jiminy Wicket croquet

Today included many stops along the way, out for coffee and snacks, a drive in the Wash Park area, lunch at History Colorado and a tour of their current Western Art exhibit.

In the morning we enjoyed our time at croquet, which is held indoors for a few more weeks. We had a terrific time, and everyone played.  Our newest member,  D, is a natural ringer, scoring 3 of the 7 possible points in his first game. I have to say,  James of “Jimminy Wicket” is so good with our population, he surly is an extension of the Out and About family. He is energetic, patient, and passionate about the sport and these guys. B played really well today, he was quite focused and definitely enjoyed himself. D had some good one liners during croquet, including turning to the spectators after a good shot and saying, “please hold your applause!” He fits right in with this silliness in this group.