Buffalo Bill Museum in Golden

There was a lot of energy in my carpool this morning!  Many times when  I pick someone up in the morning and ask how they are, the answers tends to be pretty blah. Anything from “Oh, I’m okay” to down right “Not great”, which I think is pretty normal.  This morning was no different, but it certainly didn’t take long for us to lift each other​’​s spirits.  Before I knew it we  were ​working hard on recalling nursery rhymes, “Jack Sprat” being the 1st one​, ​and from there it was why to do we tell our children such scary​ ​stor​ies  ​like Grimm Fairy tales then send them to bed and say “Sleep well!”

We met the other two carpools for our morning “refreshments”, coffee and munchies. More laughter and very wide ranging conversation​.​Everything from Jewish communities in the Denver area, to  Garden of the Gods  to Kissing Cousins.  “What are kissing cousins any way?”  I asked.  T’s reply was “Trouble!”   J looked around the table (10 of us ) after about 15 minutes and wondered out loud..”I wonder what these business​es ​and restaurants think about this group of crazy people after we have left! We all laughed at that too. ​ She told Mary at the very end of the day , “this group is so much fun.”​

We had high hopes for Lookout Mountain and Buffalo Bills Grave and Museum today for fresh air, warm temps, and sunshine.  Lariat Loop Scenic Byway is a very pretty drive, although we did have to deal with a slow truck and backed up traffic.  The wind was really whipping on top of Lookout Mountain with just enough chill in it that we had to pass on the views of mountains,​ but what we did see were fantastic though.  Clear, crisp views of the back ranges still full of snow.  We did walk up to Buffalo Bill’s grave site though and there is a tremendous view (out of the wind) of Denver, Golden, DIA, and just about everything south of the city.  From there we did a self guided tour of the museum.  The room that was of most interest to everyone housed the Indian artifacts.  Headdresses, bead-work, traditional clothing, etc. Beautiful pieces.  Lunch was upstairs at the museum’s grill. Nine buffalo burgers with ​the ​works!  Then we were each treated by the owner to a generous chunk of their handmade fudge and a little conversation about his personal and long history with the gift shop!

It was another good day with the Tuesday Troop.