Lunch today at Crossroads in Pine, and a wonderful hike

Crossroads restaurant and a walk at Pine Lodge

We had so much fun today. It was a quiet where we walked, really peaceful, at Pine Lodge. We walked at our own pace, stopping to point and discuss – the color of the water, the remaining bits of ice in the water, (M wanted to jump on it and break it and I don’t blame him, it was tempting) , the fishing hook which D found in a tree!, the jet overhead, the hawk overhead, the historic building up on a hill, the muddy ravine, the fallen trees from a fire many years ago, and the goose poop on our path ( always a favorite topic! )
All three of these men today were very conversational, talking talking talking all day long. That’s what I enjoyed the most. And the singing  and the whistling, and the  laughing.
Thank you to Trudy – our terrific waitress at Crossroads, where we stopped for lunch today. Some servers and tour guides and people we meet along the way, have good intuition or instinct  – and they understand us very quickly. Trudy was one of these gems. She immediately learned our names, realized I was the host and that the guys would need some assistance, and she was clued in. Friendly and warm and patient with us. We like to sit in the back room where there is so much to see, and since the theme in that room is definitely motorcycles with some cars thrown in, it was a perfect spot for the group today. Conversations naturally turned to cars (B’s former Corvette) and the guys who have been to Sturgis, and road trips we’ve all taken. Thank you again Trudy for the hospitality, we will look forward to next time.