CU Natural History Museum and lunch at Walnut Café Boulder

CU Natural History Museum tour

What a busy, fun day.  It was the first time the full group has been together for a while so there was lots of catching up to do.
I had D, C and T with me – my new Beatles CD was a good choice for us on our drive –
and the three carpools met for our morning coffee break, where the subjects of horses, Martin Luther King, volcanoes and blueberries came up!
Then on to Boulder, where we had our tour of the Natural History Museum. The tour guide was perfect for us. He had folding chairs we could use to sit and so we could focus on the terrific exhibits they have at this little place and he gave us just the right amount of details along the way. The building itself is a beautiful old one, it reminded C and me of the Catholic school buildings we’d been in over the years, classic old bathroom fixtures, marble floors and detailed stairwells. The tour included an exhibit that impressed all of us – the handcrafted tools found in a residential neighborhood in Boulder a couple of years ago, which had been buried there 13,000 years ago. What an amazing story. C, R, B, T…I am remembering all of us gathered around listening to this story in awe..each of us were struck by how incredible it is that they were found in the first place, and how very old they were. In Bruce’s words:
“Everyone was attentive and interested in what our wonderful tour guide had to say. Fascinating.”
We walked around the campus a bit afterwards, back to our cars and the 5 minute drive to lunch. (Walnut Café, yum yum yum). I called from the museum to tell the restaurant we were on our way and to be sure they’d still be open. B made us laugh when he said, “you better not tell them who we are.”  Smooth sailing today, plenty of smiles, an interesting tour,  and good,  positive energy from everyone.