CU Natural History Museum and lunch at Walnut Café Boulder

CU Natural History Museum tour

What a busy, fun day.  It was the first time the full group has been together for a while so there was lots of catching up to do.
I had D, C and T with me – my new Beatles CD was a good choice for us on our drive –
and the three carpools met for our morning coffee break, where the subjects of horses, Martin Luther King, volcanoes and blueberries came up!
Then on to Boulder, where we had our tour of the Natural History Museum. The tour guide was perfect for us. He had folding chairs we could use to sit and so we could focus on the terrific exhibits they have at this little place and he gave us just the right amount of details along the way. The building itself is a beautiful old one, it reminded C and me of the Catholic school buildings we’d been in over the years, classic old bathroom fixtures, marble floors and detailed stairwells. The tour included an exhibit that impressed all of us – the handcrafted tools found in a residential neighborhood in Boulder a couple of years ago, which had been buried there 13,000 years ago. What an amazing story. C, R, B, T…I am remembering all of us gathered around listening to this story in awe..each of us were struck by how incredible it is that they were found in the first place, and how very old they were. In Bruce’s words:
“Everyone was attentive and interested in what our wonderful tour guide had to say. Fascinating.”
We walked around the campus a bit afterwards, back to our cars and the 5 minute drive to lunch. (Walnut Café, yum yum yum). I called from the museum to tell the restaurant we were on our way and to be sure they’d still be open. B made us laugh when he said, “you better not tell them who we are.”  Smooth sailing today, plenty of smiles, an interesting tour,  and good,  positive energy from everyone.

Denver Art Museum today and lunch at Racines

Denver Art Museum

Lovely Ladies Day!
Thank you Bruce for assisting me and being a positive addition to our day.
We had coffee/treats at a new favorite of ours near J’s home, a large coffee house that feels to me sort of like a living room! It’s perfect for us, quiet and comfy. We then gradually made our way to the Denver Art Museum for our private tour.
You may notice the sweetness in the attached pictures, I think they show the simple joys in  our day. An example of the “simple joys” – when I pulled up to the coffeehouse I found a parking spot literally right in front of it, and the ladies and I  oohed and ahhed and got excited about the convenience of it. Bruce was quiet in the back of the van. I said, “Bruce, if you were with a bunch of men would they have reacted the same way?” He said, “No, they’d probably say something like – you didn’t park right, you’re going to hit that car…” which made us giggle again.  Silly stuff…
The pictures  show us walking around in the sunshine outside the Denver Art Museum, watching children play, us posing around the big ole cow statues, and then inside the art museum. It was such a nice tour, only the six of us with the informative, attentive, warm, smiling Ann, who has led us many times. We are so fortunate to have these tours offered to  Out and About Colorado, I think they are so meaningful for everyone.
Lunch today was late, later than I’d planned, but we were longer at the museum beforehand. We were able to sit outdoors at Racine’s – yeah! – on the quiet patio as we each enjoyed our meals.
The ladies today were all appreciative and relaxed and soaking it all in, art and food and sunshine and friendship.
Thank you very much for entrusting your loved ones to our care, it’s our pleasure.

Annie’s Café on Colfax, then a film at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

February 3 at the 3D IMAX

What a fun day !!  The carpools met at the​”​Majestic View Nature Center“​I n Arvada.  The plan was to get a little walking in, if not outdoors, then certainly indoors.​ But when we arrived we found that they are closed on Fridays ! “Best laid plans….”, we all laughed about it.  S said she did

​n’t​ care, she was just glad to be out and J said “Ah, well, sometime​s​ you just have to be flexible!”  So we piled back in the cars and headed to lunch a​t​ ​”​Annie’s​” ​before going to the IMAX show at the Museum of Nature and Science.

The timing actually worked out pretty well​.​ Annie’s Cafe is a great little spot, good diner​, ​comfort food, warm, friendly, and brightly decorated.  The collection of lunch boxes hanging on the wall is always a good conversation starter.  Colfax is such an interesting street, with all the different businesses and people.  J noticed a place called Fat Sully’s Pizza, and got a big kick out of that. It was a good place to be on a dreary day.

The IMAX, Wild Africa in 3D, was a hit !  The photography was stunning, flamingos, gorillas, lizards, snakes, rain forests, desert, elephants, and wildebeests.  There were a lots of kids in the theater and it was so much fun to see them react to the 3D affects throughout the show.  I was sitting next ​to ​J during the movie and one scene was of the wildebeest drinking from a river.  I knew that there was an attack scene coming, no doubt about it, however it still caught me by surprise and I let a out whoop!  J patted my hand a second later and asked if I was okay. Ha!

So went  to Lik’s ​afterwards, ​for an ​ice cream. ​Another friendly Capital Hill neighborhood spot. The flavors ranged from Root Beer float ice cream to Mocha Almond Cheesecake. All day, every time we were outside we got hit by that humid cold that was hard to shake, yet here we were at the end of the day, coats, gloves, and hats eating ice cream, talking, and laughing.  

Lakewood Heritage Center today, plus lunch at the new Blackbird Tavern in Kittridge

Lakewood Heritage Center

Cold, icy… but a good day !

We went to the Lakewood Heritage Center to check out an exhibit the have on several decades worth of architecture in Lakewood. The Stone House, Molly Brown Summer House, O’Kane, Creighton, and Graham House’s,and the Belmare Mansion were all represented.  We also wandered through the permanent exhibit about Lakewood history. The plan was to go outside and walk through Belmar Park and take a look at the structures that have been moved​ there​, restored, and preserved on the grounds. However, it was pretty tough getting from the car to the Center’s entrance without landing on our butts, so risking additional time on slick concrete didn’t seem wise.

We made our way  up to Kittridge for lunch at the Blackbird Tavern. We did have a little time on our hands  and drove though Red Rocks first.  The sky was grey and cold looking but the rocks were still beautiful.  Some of them shrouded in the clouds at the very top, all of the vegetation covered in a layer of hoarfrost the was just beautiful, and several deer wandering around as well.

Lunch was ​fun…​  Somehow we got into tongue twisters, Peter Piper, How much Wood could a wood chuck chuck, She sells sea shells. It was hilarious and every one did pretty darn good, at least with the 1st verse!  The topic of the day, all day, was the weather, the ice, the grey sky, was it going to snow or not, etc. and that continued over lunch as we look out at frozen Bear Creek.  T was talking about fishing and made a comment along the lines of..those fish must be frozen solid.  D looked at him and said ” You say some of the craziest things, where are you from any way?”  T said “Greeley”.  D’s response?  “Oh, that explains it!”

This is a good group of guys and I sure enjoyed spending the day with them!