Pints Pub for lunch and a visit to the Denver Police Museum

looking at historic maps at the main Denver public library

We had a quick donut stop yesterday, then on to our 11:00 tour of the Police Museum. Brian had discovered this museum a few weeks ago and we decided to give it a try, which I’m  glad we did. It’s still in it’s formation stage, the completed museum will take a couple of years and will be out at the new complex where the Stock Show takes place. In the meantime, however, there was plenty to see and touch and experience, including some  historic police cars,  many photos of police from back into the early 1900s, and mannequins in full uniform. The guys were interested in much of it, and the tour was personalized just for us.

The attached photo of L makes me smile  to look at this evening, I remember him of course (retired police officer) appreciating all we were seeing, but also enjoying the camaraderie of everyone and joking around a bit on the tour, but then when I asked him to pose for a picture he immediately got his very serious look on his face, and sort of stood at attention. He’s proud of his profession and this was a good experience, both for him and the whole gang.
​The picture of A also is making me smile. At the end of lunch he took it upon himself to gather up all our hats and jackets, then I noticed he had put all of them on! He posed with a rather serious look as well, but he was being quite goofy. He laughed hard many times yesterday, what a joyful man.​
We did a fair amount of walking. Brian and I deliberately parked a ways from the museum so we’d have to walk a few blocks to get there and to lunch. After lunch (Pint’s Pub, a regular and very friendly spot for us) we had about a 1/2 hour left and planned to walk in the park a bit, but the wind picked up so we detoured into the Denver Public Library and looked around. J is pictured here showing the guys some historic maps he discovered; there is really quite a bit to see there.
Good day! Brian and I enjoy it every single week.