Leanin Tree Art Gallery in Boulder

Another lovely Ladies Day! We first me  at Cafe Ole.  W​hen we met there last week we were treated to  samples of South American hot chocolate…this week we all had a cup.  We had a great table in the corner to watch people, look at the local art on the walls, share an empanada or two, and talk. We had a wonderful talk about the Inauguration, respect for the Office, and the ceremony.


From there we headed to the Leanin Tree Museum of Western Art.  I cant tell you how fun and interesting it was to watch and listen to each one of the women comment on various pieces. Because it was a smaller group today, it was easy to track who was attracted to various styles, colors, and moods in the paintings.  One painting titled ​”​Chigger Pants​”​made us laugh, another depicting ice blocks being carved from a frozen river started a conversations between E and J and their experiences with ice chest​s​ when they were young. E was struck by a sculpture of a little girl in western wear feeding an apple to a horse…it reminde​d ​her of her daughters.  J was drawn to the big colorful sunset painting, she looked at it for some time. S commented on motion and emotion in many paintings, one in particular of “the bad guys, probably robbing a train”.  S read the description of a scene in a painting out loud and both E and J said, almost simultaneously, “Oh, I see it”!​

 We didn’t make to the second floor of the gallery because I knew it was sunny and warm enough to spend time in the outdoor sculpture garden.  Snoticed that many of the bronzes were cast at foundry’s in Montana. One piece drew us all in. The sculpture of a horse made of scrap metal, created by a woman from Alaska who’s previous career was a bush pilot….we are all sure that she must be quite a woman!


Lunch was at the Celestial Seasonings Factory Cafe.  It is a bright colorful spot where we enjoyed soups, salads, and sandwiches! The first thing that caught E’s eye on the menu were the prices.  She cracked me up, she must have commented 3 time on how reasonably price​d​everything was ! HA !   When I explained that the cafe/cafeteria was on the back side of the factory, they all wanted know if we were taking the tour.  Next time!

On the way home we were in some pretty heavy traffic and E  said that​”​all these people were going to be late for dinner!​”​  J, always so quick, quipped “Especially if you​’​r​e​ the cook!”  It was a good day  See you all next week!