Four Mile House Denver and lunch at Syrup

Four Mile House Denver

walk in the snow, Four Mile House grounds

When I planned the day, I was concerned the cold temperatures were going to be quite a challenge, but it really was fine. You will see here the picture of us at Four Mile Park, the grounds looked SO pretty in the snow. We had a 1:30 tour there yesterday. It was just our little group with the guide, and he did a good job for each of us.

In the morning we the group had  their coffee at the massive “Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World”.  They loved it! It has an aquarium and many stuffed, life sized forest animals and the ladies  all got a kick out of it. We had  lunch later in Cherry Creek  and they all had stories to share about it. Brian takes the guys there sometimes, on other days, but we’ll have to remember how the ladies like it too. Lunch was  at “Syrup” in Cherry Creek  before our afternoon tour at the Historic Four Mile Park.

On the drive home E and J were discussing how “in those days”, the homesteading days, people didn’t live long. E: “I mean if you were 50 you were an old lady. They all died young.” J agreed with her but then said, “Well, they’re all dead now!” Ha! She surprises me sometimes with her wit.

I love how these women interact all day long, it’s a joy to be part of their “Ladies Day”. They are thoughtful of each other and appreciate of our day out.