Drive through Daniels Park and lunch at “A Taste of Mexico”

turkeys in castle pines

Driving with B has reminded ​me ​what an impact music has. I have found that alternating between the 50’s and the 60’s station​s ​on the radio is perfect. When he recognizes a song he starts laughing and singing many of the lyric​s ​perfectly. Last time we were together it was the Mamas and Papas. This morning it was two songs​ – ​Chantilly Lace and a song I had was not familiar with but he knew very well, Waterloo by Stonewall Jackson. Both songs made him laugh out loud as he sang along. It was a great way to start the morning.


​After we picked up R, we drove through 5 Points and Downtown Denver.  Because today is “Observed New Years Day” downtown was deserted! It was kind of nice to be able to putter around down there, not be in anyone’s way, and actually take a look up and down the streets.  R and I talked about the revitalization or gentrification of the Five ​Po​ints, the good and bad of it,​and some of the clubs that used to be down there.


We met up with the rest of the crew at Lamar’s in Highlands Ranch for coffee and doughnuts. It was good to see everyone ​in our group ​and listen to their chatter.


Because of the observed holiday and the chilly wind we didn’t have a lot of options for activity today.  We drove to Daniels Park

​as planned, however, ​and stopped to take in those views​,​ but the winds were just to​o​ strong and cold. We were out of the car for maybe 10 minutes, said “oh is that pretty” and ​then ​ran back to the car.  It actually is a beautiful big view out there and everyone did appreciate it. I enjoy watching and talking with L in these situations.  He seems to want to take a few minutes to soak it all in, and today wasn’t any different even with the wind.


Lunch was at “A Taste of Mexico” in ​Castle Pines. ​It was quiet there too, which is was nice.  We had a big round table in the sun, had a great lunch, and a lot more chatter. 
After lunch we took ​our ​carpools on a  “Scenic Drive”. We pulled over when we saw a group of wild turkeys.  We tried our turkey calls with little luck. There were several comments about how lucky we are to live where we do,​  some said “​​want ​to bring my wife here” …I know we were in the car quite a bit today, but they all  seemed to be relaxed and enjoyed being in the country and driving through the woods the latter part of the day.