New Years Day with my friends

Starbucks snacking today!

I didn’t realize that New Year’s Day was such a holiday, or I guess I hadn’t given that enough attention in advance of today. But everywhere we went for lunch was closed! The one spot I found that would be appropriate for us had a one hour wait, so we skipped that of course and ended up actually quite comfortable at a quiet  Starbucks in Littleton. I was able to get S and L some decent snack type foods to make a meal, a  “protein pack” and a yogart and a sausage sandwich etc. It was perfectly fine in the end.
It was entertaining for me because there were non-stop reminders in the Starbucks that New Year’s Eve was last night. I’ve never seen so many people out in public in their pajamas! Many customers had sunglasses on and really everyone in there today looked like they’d had a rough night.
S and L were on a par when it came to their energy today, both were a bit lethargic but content. They had their usual one-line observations which mean so much to me. Driving through an upscale nieghorhood S said, “expensive housing”, or L stopping in her tracks to say hello to  the small children running circles in the parking lot with their shoes lighting up. We talked about how nice the weather was for January, S was whistling Old Lang Syne on and off all day, and both of them – this was so funny – as I was driving up Broadway realizing that all my attempts at finding a restaurant were failing I decided to drive through McDonalds to at least get them a coffee to hold them over. I had asked for one ice cube in each cup but their coffees were therefore  a not very pleasant room temp and S and L’s grimaces and criticisms were hysterical. They were very disapproving!  S literally said, “I’d give this a B+”
We brought S home in the afternoon, then Louise and I went to the Rec Center, as has become our routine. We went up to the track and got in a good 20 minutes of steady walking, her energy improving as we went. Good good day with my friends.