A walk in City Park and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science IMAX film

walking in City Park Denver


Hi Everyone,
What a nice day we had. While we had fun at the movie and the museum, today was all about the interactions. Our new friend E was nice enough to allow us to start our day at their house.  It was a great way for the guys to get to know E better, and E was happy to show them around. E is a big hockey fan and B ​brought an appropriate ​  gift for E​ – ​He had a puck from the NHL all star game and graciously gave it to him.

​Mary brought coffee and donuts for us, which we ate while sitting around E’s kitchen table, great way to start the day. T made us laugh when he was teasing E about being so tall..”You can see more things then we can!” And B, who is certainly tall himself, said,  “I guess we’re just a bunch of Smurfs”​

 It was a really cool dynamic today, Mary and I noticed several times that the guys would kind of break off into little conversational groups. One of the more challenging aspects of ​caring for people with dementia, is ​keeping conversation going and keeping everyone engaged. Today,
​it seemed like ​the guys did everything on their own​!​ There were a few times I almost felt like I was intruding. The conversations were all over the place, from sports, to weather, ​to D’s time working at the mint, to T’s early years in Greeley, and ​to the inescapable goose poop at ​City Park. ​


When we ​arrived at the Museum of Nature and Science, we thought we would try to sneak a walk in before it got too cold and windy. We got in a short ​but decent ​one, but the wind was really starting to bite, so we headed in for lunch at the museum​’​s restaurant. Good day to go to the museum, all the kids are back in school and it is too soon after the break for field trips. We were able to push together a couple of tables in the back and settled in.  Mary and I just kind of sat back and let the guys do all the talking. Moods were bright and there was a lot of laughter. Someone brought up the Three Stooges and we had fun with that for a while. B was  trying to figure out ​who ​was going to be Moe, Curly, and Larry. We men take our Three Stooges pretty seriously.

 After lunch we headed upstairs for an Imax on the National Park System. It was in 3 ​D​and I wish you could have seen us all sitting there in our funny glasses.
After the movie it was time to start heading home!? Time flies they say. On the way home we were all in Mary’s van, and the conversations kept going. D and I were busy in the back, Mary and E were chattering away in the front, and T and B were deep in conversation. It was great to see the guys interacting like that. It shows me that they feel comfortable and safe with each other.