lunch today at Pints Pub and a visit to the Emily Griffith exhibit which is quite good

Denver  Public Library

Denver Public Library

Croquet at Wash Park (“Jiminy Wicket”) was leisurely and fun. I brought donuts and fruit, we bought coffees and tea from Java Café, and enjoyed about an hour and a half with the rest of the participants. Then on to lunch, at “Pints Pub”. They have a separate room upstairs which works well for Out and About Colorado groups, as it’s adjacent to the restrooms (convenient!), and we don’t have interference from others in the restaurant nor too many distractions. The food and service is reliable and they are always kind to us.  In that separate room we can sit  comfortably and have some good conversations. Well, with this Monday group”conversations” is a stretch. Though we do have them, there is far more banter and playful chatter than anything of any depth!
After lunch we walked the block or two to the Denver Public Library and spent the majority of our time in the large room on the fifth floor

where there is currently an exhibit on Emily Griffith and her school, which is now 100 years old. I was very pleased with observing that our time there  must have felt to the guys like a combination of friends spending a day together, learning a thing or two about Denver history, joking around, being able to independently wander  at their own  pace, while feeling secure and warm indoors on a winter day. I think it worked quite well for everyone today.

Brian and Jennifer and I genuinely enjoy our time with these guys and thank you for letting us care for them on Mondays. I had an emotional day yesterday with my small Sunday group, just dementia-stuff, it was bumming me out.  I know that happens to you too.  But this morning when B and I were  singing “Here Comes Santa Claus” to a country music station playing in my car, … boy did I start feeling better.