great tour today of the Mansion in Highlands Ranch, a wonderful day with our friends

tour of the Highlands Ranch Mansion

tour of the Highlands Ranch Mansion

december 6 highlands ranch mansion

Funny conversations at Lamar’s Donuts this morning, I am not coming up with any one liners in particular right now, but somehow we got on the subject of backseat driving and a lot of zingers were shot out!  We also covered the buffalo herd at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife refuge, the clean up of the Rocky Flats and the opening of a Wildlife refuge there, the Lowery Air Force Base property and it’s missile silos.  That led to an observations that with there is a lot of stuff in the Denver area that could have blown up in recent history, and it  is kind of amazing that it hasn’t !

Our tour of the Highland Ranch Mansion was great.The mansion is decorated for Christmas and we had a terrific tour guide today by the name of Sharon.  The Mansion has a great history of owners and with each owner there were additions to the structure.  We were able to see the whole building and as B pointed out, “It just keeps getting bigger”.  The photographer of the day,(me) seems to have been taken with bathroom shots, but for good reason ! There are 11 of them !  Two bathrooms with showers that had 5 shower heads in them, a closet in the ladies bathroom with a “Bottom Washer” (bidet) in it, Jack and Jill bathrooms for children – with purple fixtures -and it goes on. The kitchen had an original nickel sink and a walk

in silver safe lined with velvet to store the silver table settings and linen. We learned that the Ranch House/Mansion and surrounding buildings were use in the filming of the miniseries “Centennial”. There are many details and stories in this house and as we were walking back to our cars we all commented that this is a great tour and we would all come back!