starting at LaMars in Highlands Ranch, then on to the Morrison Museum

 LaMars Donut Shop HIghlands Ranch

LaMars Donut Shop HIghlands Ranch


Hi Everyone,
Another rollicking, fun day. This group gets along so well, and has so much fun together, that it’s hard to know where to begin. So, I’ll start where most of our days start, at Lamar’s Donuts in  Highlands Ranch.  The place was empty and we couldn’t figure out if it was a slow Monday, or it was that we had chased all the other customers away. Either way we didn’t care as we settled in with coffee and snacks. There was lots of football talk as well as talk of the impending storm. There was also the usual repartee that this group excels at.

We then went on a drive throughout the Turkey Creek area and Willow Springs, were treated to a closeup view of a herd of deer, and then went on to Morrison for  a tour of their museum. Usual hysterical banter in our two cars; The conversation and ridiculousness in the car can sometimes be the highlight of the day. In Mary’s car, M started singing along to “I Got You Babe” and B jumped right in! L told us how he wasn’t allowed to sing in choir in school, then gave us a sample note or two which was a riot.
Morrision is a hotbed for  fossil and dinosaur remnants, which the natural history museum in Morrision focuses on. They have a T-Rex skull, a stegosaurus skull, and a tri-ceratops skull. They also took us back to the room in which they work on the fossils. In this room they have a piece of 150 million year old stone  (T –  “and I thought we were old”) which they have been dissecting for six years. They use air jets to take the sandstone away from the fossils, and all the guys took a turn on the air jet. Right as the tour started, we were joined by a mother and her 5 year old son. The son was so excited and so knowledgeable about dinosaurs, that when the tour guide would ask a question, we would all look to the child for the answer.
Did you know that T-rex’s are now thought to have been covered in feathers? It was an educational tour for sure. Our tour guide interacted well with our group, went at a pace that keep them engaged and happy and laughed along at all our corny jokes! She was terrific.

After that  it was off to Evergreen for lunch. We hadn’t bee to Beau Jo’s for a while, so this seemed like the perfect time. Between sandwiches and the all you can eat buffet, I don’t think anyone left hungry. As we lined up at the men’s room before we left,  Bill tried to get everyone to pay $25.00 for access!

Mary’s highlight of the day – M got in the car in the morning and she teased them about, “oh no, here we go again, another Monday.” to which M said, with a serious face, “you don’t mean that. You like these days. I do too. Mondays are my favorite day.” Awesome.