Leanin Tree Museum of Western Art in Boulder

Leanin Tree in Boulder

Nice day with the two amigos! We had to be in Boulder early for an 11:00 tour, so D and I picked up coffee and donuts for the drive on the way to pick up B. As we pulled up to B’s, he was waiting outside for us. He saw us, locked the door, and jumped in the car. We broke out the donuts and coffee and headed for Boulder. It was a beautiful day driving west. The wind yesterday had blown everything out, and the sky was a pretty deep blue, with great clarity. We could see a snowy Longs peak, and Mt Evans looked awesome with the sun and the snow. We were going to the Leanin Tree facility on the outskirts of Boulder. It is a western themed greeting card company. The founder is an aficionado of western art and has amassed quite a collection, which he displays in his personal art museum.

Before we could get to the art we had a tour of the factory which makes the greeting cards. They were in the process of year end inventory, so it was a quieter tour than usual. We watched a short film on the history of the company, the owner and his family. Besides all the cool machines, we learned some facts, and we saw how glitter and ribbons and trim are added to the greeting cards, as well as their envelope folding machine.

After the tour we spent a fair amount of time looking at the art collection. Both of the guys enjoyed the artwork, and we had good discussion on some of the works. Outside is a sculpture garden of bronze animals, Indians, cowboys, and even a saddle. It was in the sun which made for a nice walk.

After that we drove into Boulder proper for lunch. It was packed! I thought there may be some excitement about the Buffs first bowl in many years, but no. We didn’t see folks decked out in CU colors or even any acknowledgement of the game. We ate at the west end of the Pearl Street Mall. Food was good, and the people watching was great. D had his bison burger, while B had a shrimp po boy. I had to chuckle when the waitress asked B if he wanted fries, without missing a beat he said “no I think they’re unhealthy, can I have a salad?”! We enjoyed our lunch and worked our way back into town. We came up the back way through Golden and really enjoyed the drive.