Forney Museum today with the guys


At the Forney Museum, Denver

At  the Forney Museum, Denver

Chilly, but busy day. We had a fun group of guys today, everybody was eager and ready to head out to start our day. Since  we picked up D. last in Aurora, we were stuck without a closeby Lamar’s!  I may well be still going through withdrawal as I type this. Luckily when I was out in Castle Rock yesterday, we ran into the same problem and we ended up at a place called the Donut House, and I remember thinking we need one of these closer to us. Well, lo and behold, we are driving down Parker road and what do we see? A brand new Donut House. We stopped and went in for our morning ritual. Nice slow way to get the day started. There was a middle eastern gentleman running the store, as soon as he saw D’s USMC hat he ran around the counter to shake his hand and thank him for all he had done.

 From there  we took a drive to downtown and on to the Forney Museum. They have a special exhibit on Chevy Bel Airs from 1955-1957. Apparently all three of our guys have had Bel Airs in those years, so we had a lot to look at, and to talk about. We spent a lot of time looking at the Car/boat/airplanes that they have on display. D. was able to remember being a kid out fishing with his father when he saw one of the car/boats drive into Cherry Creek. I have heard him tell the story before, but he was pretty detailed and clear about it today, even saying he was pretty sure it was red. We also lingered over the motorcycles. B likes his Harley’s, D. likes his Triumphs, while D. is a Honda guy. Lucky for us there were plenty of the above to keep us busy.

After leaving Forney, we hopped on I70 and went to lunch at the Islamorada Fish Company. It is a really good restaurant that just happens to be located in the Bass Pro Shops at Northfield. They have a wall sized aquarium behind their bar that kept us entertained for quite awhile. They even had an albino shark that would swim by every so often. We had our usual selection of burgers and fish, and there were no to-go boxes, which is always a good thing. We had a  nice waiter, who was also quick to notice D’s hat and thank him for his service. The waiter told us about a coin that his father carried as a Marine, which the waiter now has. He took it out of his wallet and let us pass it around and ohh and ahh over it.  After lunch we wandered about the store looking at all the stuffed animals they have. They really do some amazing things, they have one high wall of  ledges with  stuffed mountain goats standing overhead, plus  moose, bears, beavers, and elk.

We had a really good day. All of the guys were engaged and interacting with one another, moods were bright and every one was pretty conversational. As we drove home we listened to a little Willie Nelson. Fun day, good company, cool cars, and taxidermied animals. Can’t beat it! Look forward to next time.