lunch at Luciles today, in Denver, and time at the Golden History Museum

on our walk today in Wash Park
Hello everyone –
Really good day today. For most of the morning Brian hosted the ladies in downtown Golden, for morning snacks, a walk along the river, and about a 1/2 hour inside the History Museum there. He said the walk was particularly nice, much of that was because of the good weather, but also the holiday decorations were being put up in the trees and so there was a lot of activity but not a lot of crowds.
Brian brought the gals to me at lunch time, and he went on his way – he had an afternoon of caregivingahead for a private client. I took us ladies to “Luciles” for lunch (on Alameda and Logan),C seemed familiar with it. I was glad  they were able to seat us in the smaller room in the back, that made it quieter for us with less commotion, but even better than that was the young family we shared the room with who had a 10 month old with them! That is fun for all of us!
The ladies told me about their visit today to the History Museum, we talked about their Thanksgivings,and since we were in  a Cajun restaurant we got on the subject of New Orleans and different cities we’ve traveled to. On the subject of Thanksgiving, we touched on kitchen utensils we all use or have used. J told us about a grinder she used this week on the cranberries and we went on from there….flour sifters, family recipes, etc. S gave us a lot of detail on how large their celebration was this week, how very much she enjoyed having family around and especially being with her baby granddaughter.  The ladies enjoyed the food at Luciles. We had a friendly server and all went well. We were relaxed and feeling very comfortable in each other’s company. After lunch I grabbed a picture of us standing out front of the restaurant.
We had more time together and got to take a walk in Wash Park. My goodness the temp was so perfect! I grabbed a couple more pictures at that point, which are attached.
 Brian told me, when he was describing their morning together, about how kind all of these women are, and how great it is to simply walk with them on a path, or beside them in a museum and be able to share the day with them. So true.