lunch at DWs 285 Diner, one of our favs, and thanks to a volunteer we learned some geology today!

Er, J, and I started out day with a long walk on the Stone House Trail along Bear Creek in Lakewood.  The entire length of the trail is 2.3 miles and I’ll bet we did three quarters of it in about 50 minutes.  It is a lovely dirt trail which parallels the creek, both J and E were game to continue after about 30 minutes and did terrific.  We came across a small inlet of water that was a fairly wide step, E said oh, not a problemand literally hopped over, then put her hand out to help J across! I wish I had my camera ready.

When we got back to the parking area Mary arrived within a few minutes with D, L, and a few snacks.  Mary and L left and the 3 ladies and I had our refreshments next to the the historic stone house which was built around 1860.  The conversation was very easy, mostly about we were all ready for the election to be over and that none of us were really paying attention to the noise of it anymore.


From there we headed to Conifer for lunch at DW’s 285 Diner followed by a scenic drive over Pleasant Park Road toward Deer Creek Canyon Road with a side trip up Kuehster Road.  At the top of Keuhster Rd there are is a very good view of Lower North Fork Fire burn area.  The fire was 4 years ago and it is amazing to see how the land and people have recovered.  There are also beautiful views of Sphinx Park and beyond.  As we got closer to town we had about 20 minutes to stretch our legs so we pulled in to the South Valley Open Space Park.  This park is noted for is beautiful big red sandstone spires that are part of the geologic formation that runs from Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, up to the Boulder Flat Irons, and include Roxbourogh Park and Red Rocks.  We were going to walk a bit when a Jeffco Open Space volunteer asked if we had any questions. E asked about the rock formations and we quickly found out that  geology is this guys passion!  We didn’t get to walk but we got a thorough education! Did you know that the Andes in South America are still growing taller!  As we walked away, D commented that it was really nice of him to talk with us and we all agreed.
This was a laid back, e
asy, and very pleasant day. I very much enjoyed my day with with everyone.