Forney Transportation Museum will become a regular place for us to visit

Brian said to me at the end of the day, “Man do those guys have fun together.” I agree, this group really gels.
I took my carpool for a walk and out for a morning snack, we settled in at Spinellis, where R had lots of memories and stories to tell us of being there with his Dad. Brian and his group went to their “clubhouse” (LaMars Donuts). Funny thing is, apparently they didn’t eat any! All I know is that after lunch later today I said, “I think we could split a few pieces of pie, right? Did you guys have donuts this morning?” They swore they didn’t! One of them even told me they all “split one”. Yeah, right.
The two groups met at 11:00 this morning at Forney Transportation Museum. What a perfect place for these guys. We had the entire massive space almost completely to ourselves, we wandered and pointed and talked  and laughed and completely  enjoyed our time there. At the onset, each of them made a comment or observation  which inspired  me to grab a piece of paper out of my purse and quickly jot down…
The signature item in the museum is “Big Boy”, (the world’s largest steam locomotive). When we were checking it out I noticed A walking the length of it counting his steps, so intent on measuring it. I told the group it was called “Big Boy” just as L was approaching our group and when T saw him he said, “well here he is!” R was  looking at the train and said,” this would be so hard to build”, L pointed many things out to me including the way the coal is delivered to the engine, and was pleased I noticed a spittoon!,  B stood back and took it all in  and said, “isn’t this beautiful”.
We saw many many classic cars, R knew about many of them, A shared with us his memories of his first car (did he tell me a 27 Model A?), he remembered very clearly what color it was so I got a picture of us standing in front of a car of that color. L told us when we were looking at a light weight aircraft about his brother’s career in aeronauatics, and all sorts of memories came up for these guys.
Great place for us to visit, they all appreciated it, and I told them this should be a stop for us a few times a year.