lunch at McKinners and coffee in Park Hill


Hi All – We had a pretty easy going day, which seemed to fit this group just fine. In the morning I picked up M, A, and D. We met Mary and R at a terrific little coffee place in Park Hill. We found a nice patio in the shade, and got caught up a bit. I have not had a chance to do many outings with A or R, so it was a good opportunityto get to know each other. Conversation rolled, as we sat there enjoying each other’s company. A regaled us with his sailing stories, while D and M shared stories of growing up in the Englewood/Littleton area, and the changes we have seen. Fun morning. We took a quick stroll around Park Hill, commenting on the architecture, and the challenges the neighborhood has faced over ther years. We made it back to the car for a water break, and the drive to Littleton Historical Museum. Its always a fun place to visit and our local guys had some memories jogged for sure. Inside the museum we spent a bit of time looking at the 1965 Flood exhibit. D told us that his family had been fishing in Wyoming when it happened and when they drove back and saw the devastation they thought we were at war. Different times back then. We then meandered outside to check out all the newborn animals. We saw the longhorn steer for Als Texas roots, a passel of piglets, and a bunch of pecocks. We also walked by a young child in a Pittsburgh tshirt. Needless to say, R’s es got big, and he had to talk to him.  As it started to warm up a bit, we left for lunch. We went to a local restaurant in downtown Littleton. Basic sandwiches and pizza, but done very well. The restaurant (McKinners) has ton of pictures of old Littleton, which M really seemed to enjoy. Conversation flowed at lunch, with topics from Leave it to Beaver, to shopping and eating local. The table of guys had such wide ranging experiences, it was never boring!

Good day, everyone was engaged, and hit it off great. Looking forward to next time!