it began with coffee at St. Mark’s on 17th Avenue…beautiful place to relax

june 1 dave, brian, mike and russSuch a good day today, it just flowed along. We met at St Mark’s on 17th Avenue for coffee and I  brought goodies for us to eat as well. We sat out in that sunshine on that big patio for quite a while, talking talking talking. It was easy and comfortable and natural and enjoyable. Then we all walked slowly up and down some of the side streets there; the houses are really great to look at, historic and interesting. One of them happens to be a “castle” (Castle Marne) and I rang the doorbell to see if they’d let us in to snoop around. The staff person  who answered – it’s a B&B – had been  baking bread and took a break to show us around, what a treat.
We decided around 12:30 that we’d like to continue being out in the nice weather, so I asked D if we could bring sandwiches and hang out in his  back yard for a while…so that’s what we did! Bunch of friends having an impromptu picnic – we picked up sandwiches, chips, fruit and drinks and that was it – nice and simple. After that we took a little drive and brought everyone home.