walking at Littleton Historical Museum today, lots of outdoor time

 S and L and I walked the circumference of the Littleton Historical Museum, there is so much to see on that walk, and yesterday some baby sheep came right up to the fence next to us. S and L, being their regular fun loving, animated selves, started right in imitating the noise all those sheep were making, and the more I laughed, the more they did it! We met B for lunch and had burrito bowls, which were a big hit, and then L and I did a little shopping after we brought S home. L and I  did the things we enjoy doing, a nice drive, time outdoors, another good walk (I was impressed by her energy in the heat), and we snacked all day.
I heard her tell a white butterfly today, on our walk, “you need someone to play with”…I think she was right, he flew by all alone! Love her observations.

it began with coffee at St. Mark’s on 17th Avenue…beautiful place to relax

june 1 dave, brian, mike and russSuch a good day today, it just flowed along. We met at St Mark’s on 17th Avenue for coffee and I  brought goodies for us to eat as well. We sat out in that sunshine on that big patio for quite a while, talking talking talking. It was easy and comfortable and natural and enjoyable. Then we all walked slowly up and down some of the side streets there; the houses are really great to look at, historic and interesting. One of them happens to be a “castle” (Castle Marne) and I rang the doorbell to see if they’d let us in to snoop around. The staff person  who answered – it’s a B&B – had been  baking bread and took a break to show us around, what a treat.
We decided around 12:30 that we’d like to continue being out in the nice weather, so I asked D if we could bring sandwiches and hang out in his  back yard for a while…so that’s what we did! Bunch of friends having an impromptu picnic – we picked up sandwiches, chips, fruit and drinks and that was it – nice and simple. After that we took a little drive and brought everyone home.