our day on the Cherry Creek Trail

Some favorite lines of mine today:
 I was telling everyone about a couple I am caring for who are in their 90s, and how  I’d been with them this morning and noticed at breakfast they were flirting with each other. B said, “well then it was a happy meal”!
D had a funny line in the car on the way to lunch. I called the restaurant and told them we were on our way, and they agreed to hold a large table for us. After I hung up, D said, “they must not have realized it was us who were coming.” We all laughed and I said, “Yes! You noticed I didn’t give them  my name?”
Lots of chuckles all day long…
T on our walk, stopped in his tracks, turned to me and said, “this is perfect”, then motioned to all the beauty around us. I agreed, the temperature today was so good for a walk and we were out in some great big open spaces with lots of trees.  We were  on part of the Cherry Creek Trail, we began at the trailhead at the “17 Mile House” in Parker. We walked for about 45 minutes, had snacks and drinks which I’d brought for us to share, then we went to the noon IMAX film, then to a late lunch. I was surprised how much everyone seemed to enjoy the film, it was simple and peaceful, about  apes from different parts of the world. There was something calm yet entertaining about it.
After lunch we were loading up the two cars to head home when a waiter ran out to us with both a hat and a pair of sunglasses we’d left at the table. Yikes! B said, “at least we didn’t leave any people behind.”
We reminisced a bunch today about past trips, I was really pleased by how well many of our  group remembered outings we’ve done, even a year or more ago. It encourages me to keep on planning, keep on going, keep on daytripping, and touring, and spending  quality time together.
I genuinely enjoyed all our time with the group today, thanks for helping us make that happen.